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    (BIBLE SOCIETY). American Bible Society Membership Certificate for Rev. Jason Allen. Signed by Matthew Clarkson and J[ohn] B. Romeyn. Circa 1821-1832. 4to sheet, printed & holograph, folded. Page 1 printed, 2-4 blank. Engraving of Bible by J. Seymour, Printer. Edges browned. $250.00


         Certificate showing that the Rev. Jason Allen (of the Presbyterian Church in Westerville, N.Y.) was given a membership in the American Bible Society ?─˙by the liberality of the ladies of his congregation?─¨. The $30.00 contributed by the ladies made him a lifetime member.

         The American Bible Society began when the Revolution suddenly made sales of the Bible scarce since connection with the London printing houses had been severed.

         In 1777, Congress was petitioned to order the printing of at least twenty thousand Bibles. The lack of suitable paper, and of sufficient type in the colonies was an issue; so Congress voted to import twenty thousand Bibles from Holland. The American Bible Society (ABS) as an established group dates to 1816 and publishes, distributes, and translates the Bible.

         From 1821 to 1832 Matthew Clarkson (1758-1825) was Vice President of the Society. Clarkson was a revolutionary soldier, aide-de-camp to Benedict Arnold, served in both branches of the legislature and was President of the Bank of New York as well as being one of the vice presidents and founders of the American Bible Society. The other signator was the Reverend John B. Romeyn (b. 1800), a Presbyterian minister in New York and son of Dr. Romeyn of the Reformed Dutch Church, and founder of Union College.


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