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  M & S Library Number: 22781

    (MUSIC). (MILITARY). Bound Volume of Thirty-Seven (37) Pieces of Original American Lithographed Military Sheet Music, Six with Appealing Colored Lithographs, the Remaining Black & White. V.p: V.d (1830s-1840s). Folio. Recent blue buckram. Fine. In the list, # 17, 21 and 37 have only their lithographed covers, no music; three or four more lack a leaf of music). $3,500.00


    A splendid collection, entirely American froms the 1830s-'40s, with the bookplates of William H. Guthman, military collector and dealer. We believe most of these to be quite rare. The only one listed by Dichter & Shapiro (of four military items they list) is City Quick Guards Step. Ours is an 1844 copyright edition with a diffferent lithograph, "as performed by the Lowell Brass Band."

    The list follows. Please inquire for more details.

    Midshipman's Farewell 

    Schenectady Independent Artillery   

    Bigelow's Quick Step    

    Camp Sargent Quick Step      

    Winchester's Quick Step        

    Hall's Quick Step

    Military Quick Step       

    Park's Quick Step         

    Peer's Parade March    

    Sutton's Quick Step      

    Brooklyn City Guard Quick Step       

    Tucker's Quick Step     

    Marsh's Quick Step      

    The Tiger Quick Step   

    Spanish Retreat Quick Step   

    Hewitt's Quick Step      

    Parade Quick Step       

    The Brooklyn Light Guard Quick Step        

    Major Train's Quick Step        

    The Mechanicks Quick Step   

    Cemetery Quick Step   

    Warren's Phalanx Quick Step 

    Grey's Quick Step        

    City Guard's Quick Step         

    Winthrop's Quick Step  

    New Bedford Mechanic Riflemen's Quick Step    

    Worcester Guards Quick Step

    Brown's Quick Step      

    Capt. Coffin's Quick Step       

    The Blue's Quick Step  

    Pavilion Quick Step      


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