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  M & S Library Number: 18530

    (FORREST). DUNLAP, WILLIAM (et al). Dinner to Edwin Forrest. At the City Hotel, Friday, 25th July, 1834. [Caption title]. Ticket of Admission, 3" x 4," 7 Committee Members printed in type. [New York: 1834]. $350.00


    Handsome ticket of admission, with wide tan & white border design on stiff white paper. Beside Dunlap, other members of the committee were: Henry Ogden, John V. Greenfield, Wm. P. Hawes, Abraham Asten, Prosper M. Wetmore, and George D. Strong.

    Forrest was only 28 years old when this event was held, a point at which he had already become immensely successful on the New York stage, and wealthy, as well. It was at this time that Forrest retired from the stage for a trip to Europe. "New York citizens gave him a parting banquet, and a medal, honoring him as the first great American actor." --DAB. No doubt this ticket is for that event, and is today a rare ephemeron.

    William Dunlap, head of the committee, was successful playwright and theatrical manager, who lived in poverty during the 1830s, and was the benficiary of benefits in 1833 and 1838. His History of the American Theatre was published in 1832.


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