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  M & S Library Number: 20394

    SPOONER, LYSANDER. The Collected Works...34 works in six volumes, 1834-1886. Biography and Introductions by Charles Shively. ISBN 087730-006-2. Weston, Mass: M & S Press, 1971. 8vo. 2400 pp. Orig. cloth. $275.00


    Spooner, an intellectual activist and later a philosophical anarchist, was one of 19th century America's most profound minds, producing some of the finest constitutional arguments ever devised against slavery, concerning himself equally with the subtle subjugation of free citizens by a governmental system which he saw become increasingly restrictive of personal rights.? Spooner had a genius for opposing the government. ? His protests were not limited to brilliant writings on slavery, the Constitution, the jury system, copyright practices, and the economics of our rapidly industrializing country.? In the mid-1840s Spooner actually forced a reduction in postal rates by setting up his own private mail company in competition with the U.S. Post Office.


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