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Holbrook & Co.'s Catalogue of New & Useful Inventions, with Descriptions of a Variety of Novelties and Desirable Goods...[Wrapper title].

The Wauchope Grader and Ditcher. Road-Making. Earth Roads, and How To Build Them. What Everybody Wants to Know.

Manual of Wood Carving. With Illustrations. [Wrapper title].

Pacific Hotel. [Caption title]. Colored lithograph, 12" x 12." Light foxing & slight staining. Excellent.

Mann's Felly-Bending Machine. Patented August 31, 1858. [Caption title]. Folio broadside with engraved illustration of the machine at work, plus text.

Gane Bros. & Co. Importers and Dealers in Book-Binders' Stock and Leather Manufacturers, 88 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. [address changed in ink to 179 Monroe St.).

The Whitely Exerciser.

Improved Air-Tight Stoves, Manufactured and For Sale by H. & F. Stampson, Agents for Dr. Orr...[Caption title]. Small folio broadside, with typographical border. Browned.

The Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Pittsburgh, Pa....

Sebastian, May & Co's Illustrated Catalogue and Price List. Foot and Power Lathes, Drill Presses, Shapers, Wood-Working Machinery, Engines and Boilers, Machinists' and Amateurs' Supplies...

Something New! The William Stoddard Patent Shingle Machine! For Splitting or Riving and Shaving Shingles. Patented Nov. 24th, 1854. May be seen in operation at [supplied in pencil: J. Banister & Co./ Fond du Lac, Wisconsin] [caption title]. Broadside, 9” X 7," printed on blue paper, text within an ornamental border, signed in type at conclusion of text by C.K. Morrill & Co. of Lowell, Mass, dated June 12th, 1855. Old folds. A nice copy.

William Taylor, Jr. Importer of Hard Ware Goods, 408 Washington St. (Next the Washington Bank.) Boston. [Complete text]. 3” x 4”, text surrounding an engraved vignette depicting a fisherman, captioned “Fishing-Tackle.” An attractive specimen.

Improved Patent Lever Railway Press. This press excels all others now in use for Pressing Hay, Cotton, Wool, Hops, Rags, &c., &c…..[Caption title and beginning of text]. [Portland, Me.? ca. 1843.] Broadside circular, 9-7/8” X 8. Signed in type by John Cox, Mountford’s Wharf, Portland, Me. at conclusion and with a cut illustrating the press between caption and beginning of text. With an integral leaf containing a holograph letter on recto, dated 28 September, 1843, from Cox to Franklin Spofford of Bucksport, Me., regarding purchase of this railway press; verso used for mailing address with postal marking. Folded for mailing, small hole from seal with loss of part of a word from the letter.

Kickapoo Indian Dream Book. [Wrapper title].

Wyeth-McCully-Davis Company / Newark, Ohio. / Manufacturers of Bob Sleds, Runner Attachments, Oil Tank Wagons. [Caption title]. Broadside, 10 1/4" by 28". Framed in a simple, mid-20th century wooden black frame (overall size of framed display is 11 1/4" by 29").

The Leading Jeweler of the West. A.H. Miller, Importing and Manufacturing Jeweler and Silversmight, Cor. Randolph and Clark Streets, Chicago...[Caption title & partial text]. Broadside 6-1/2" x 9-1/4". Black print on green stock. Pasted to board. Illustration of the large A.H. Miller building in Chicago.

Specifications of the Manner of Building Locks for the Illinois & Michigan Canal, of 10 feet lift. When the lift varies, the dimensions of the walls will be made to conform to the variation. Seems to be dated in ink 1846.

Catalogue of Music, Published and For Sale Wholesale and Retail, by G. & G. H. Tilden, Booksellers and Stationers...Keene, N.H. No. 4 Gerould's Block, Keene, N.H. Piano-Fortes and Melodeons for Sale and to Let....All Kinds of Musical Instruments Tuned, and Carefully Repaired...Particular Attention Given to Binding Sheet Music, Periodicals and Books of Every Description. [Caption title]. Elephant folio broadside, list of items for sale in three columns. Fine.

A New Kind of Plow!/ F.F. Smith's Patent? "Cast-Cast-Steel" Turf & Stubble Plows. [Caption title]. Manufactured by Collins & Co., Hartford, Connecticut/ Principal Western Depot,/ 233 Lake St., Chicago. Henry H. Taylor, General Agent....For Sale only by Guinnep & Smith, Danville, Ill., Agents for Vermillion Counties in Illinois and Indiana. [Elephant folio broadside, with two woodcuts of plows.]

ALLEN, E.C. & CO. E.C. Allen & Co.'s Descriptive Catalogue of Some of the Newest, Most Useful, and Best Selling Articles of the Day.

ALLEN, GEORGE. Real Estate at Auction. On the 10th of June, 1848,...in Walpole Village... I will sell at auction...the Tannery Stand lately occupied by Harvey Reed, on which there are thirty large Tan Vats...[and] will be sold three large Steam Engine Boilers, with the Engine and Apparatus which were in the building at the time of the fire...[Caption title & partial text]. Folio broadside.

ALLEN, J.D. Priced Catalogue of Taxidermy Goods, For Home and Office Decoration. Fur Rugs. Sioux Relics. Photographic Illustrations. [Wrapper title].

AMERICAN AUTOMATIC S Descriptive Notice of the Steam Heating Apparatus Patented by Stephen J. Gold....

AMERICAN-LA FRANCE F Motor Fire Apparatus for Fire Department Service. Strength, Power, Balance.

ANON. The Shoe and Leather Reporter Annual for 1881.

BARRY, A.C. A Treatise on the Human Hair, and the Formation of the Skin; with Directions for Preserving them in a State of Health. With Remarks Relative to the Treatment of Children's Hair, and important testimonies of the properties of the Tricopherous, or medicated compound...

BARRY, A.C. A Treatise on the Human Hair, and the Formation of the Skin; with Directions for Preserving them in a State of Health. With Remarks Relative to the Treatment of Children's Hair, and important testimonies of the properties of the Tricopherous, or medicated compound...

BATES & GOLDTHWAIT. In consequence of the tightness in the money market, Carpetings, Will be sold at unheard of low prices for the next thirty days. The Largest Stock of these goods ever offered in Boston...[Caption title & partial text]. 4to broadside.

BINGHAM, R. M. & CO. R.M. Bingham & Co. Manufacturers of Sleigh and Cutter Woods, Carriage, Hearse, Wagon and Buggy Bodies, Gearings and Bent Work, Rome, N.Y. [Wrapper title].

CARMICHAEL, J.R. Uncle Ephriam's Eulogy. Carmichael's Buggy. [Wrapper title].

COOK, G. & D. & CO'S Illustrated Catalogue of Carriages and Special Business Advertiser. New Haven, Conn.

COUCH, S.H. S.H. Couch Co. Makers of High-Grade Telephone Equipment. [Caption title].

DEANE STEAM PUMP COM The Deane Steam and Power Pumps and Pumping Machinery.

DIGEON, L. Avertisseur Universel. Brevete S.G.D.G. en France et a L'Etranger.

DOMESTIC SEWING MACH Catalogue of the Domestic Paper Fashions. Fall and Winter Styles....

GIDEON LEE & CO. Catalogue of Sole Leather, to be Sold by Messrs. Franklin & Minturn, on Thursday, August 9th, 1827, at 10 o’clock A.M. at the Stores of Gideon Lee & Co., No. 20 Ferry-Street [New York]. Terms Under $100, cash; from $100 to $500, four months;…. The name of the Purchaser will be required, either as Drawer or Endorser. [Caption & text]; Narrow folio (13” x 8-1/8”), [5] pp., printed on heavy paper, the final page addressed in manuscript to Messrs. Newhall & Eveleth, Boston. Old folds, one small hole where originally sealed. Some migration of ink through the paper. Still, about fine.

GILLINGHAM, MITCHELL Catalogue of Fresh Spring Dry Goods, and Superfine Cloths, to be Sold at Auction...at their Warehouse, No. 22 North Second Street...January 26th, 1830...[Caption title].

GIRTY & ELLIOTT. Descriptive Catalogue of Agricultural and Horticultural Implements and Machinery, Field, Graden and Flower Seeds, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Vines and Plants, with Brief Directions and Descriptions Relative to Plowing, Planting, Sowing, and Cultivating Varieties oof Seeds, Fruits, Trees &c., and Rules for the Application of Bone Dust, Guano, Poudrette, and Other Manures...

GREENOUGH, JOSEPH Ju Just Imported, and to be Sold by Joseph Greenough, Jun. at His Cheap Shop, a Little Below the Ferry-Way. Newburyport. [Caption title].

HOE, RICHARD M. Catalogue of Brightside Herd of Pure Bred Swine, Berkshires and Small Yorkshires, Imported or Bred by Richard M. Hoe, "Brightside,' Morrisania, New York....Choice Pigs Only Sent Out.

KANE, THOMAS & COMPA Trade Catalogue of Racine Automatic Engines and Boilers Maritime and Stationary. Steam Launches. Yacht Fittings.

KNAP! & CARTER. Manufacturers of Patent Hot Pressed NUTS & WASHERS, Warehouse, No. 85 Water Street, corner of Market, Pittsburgh, Penn'a. [Caption title]. 4to. broadside, 10?" x 8-3/8".

LEARY & GETZ. Valuable Historical, Theological, and Miscellaneous Books...[Wrapper title].

LEARY, W.A. Valuable Historical, Theological, and Miscellaneous Books...[Wrapper title].

MANASSE, L. Catalogue of Sciopticons, Stereopticons, Magic Lanterns, Slides or Views and Mechanical Novelties. Imported and Manufactured by L. Manasse,--Optician...

MARSHALL FIELD & CO. Illustrated Catalogue of Jewelry Department.

McCORMICK, C.H. & BR McCormick's Prize Harvesters[,] Mowers and Reapers, (Latest Improvements). [Wrapper title].

McCORMICK, CYRUS H. McCormick's Self Raker. Improved for 1867. Unequaled for All Conditions of Heavy or Lodged Grain. The Only Perfect Self-Raker in the United States.

MYERS, S.F. & CO. The "New York Jeweler" and Trade Price List. Illustrated. Published Annually by...

NILES TOOL WORKS. Catalogue of the Niles Tool Works. Manufacturers of Iron and Steel Working Machinery, Railway, Car, Boiler and Machine Shop Equipments. 1891.

NORRIS, B.F. & CO. Designs for Jewelers and Engravers.

PACIFIC ROLLING MILL Price Lists and Catalogue...Seventh Edition.

PALMER, ERASTUS DOW Catalogue of the Palmer Marbles...November 1856 (Not found 2016)

PENNELL, DENNIS. Now is the Time to Buy a Splendid Premium Piano Forte...[Caption title]. 4to broadside, illustrating two pianos.

PHARMACEUTICAL ERA. 150 Sample Advertisements for Druggists. A collection of sample advertisements originally published in The Pharmaceutical Era for the guidance of druggists in preparing their advertising matter for local use. Illustrated. Second edition.

PORTER, RUFUS. Plumb & Level Indicator. R. Porter. Patent Applied For.

PRANG EDUCATIONAL CO Educational Supplies. Philosophical Instruments.

RAYMOND, SAMUEL. Monthly Sale. Catalogue of Boots, Shoes, Brogans & Hats, to be Sold by Auction...April 14th, 1846...Samuel Raymond, Auctioneer...Boston Funds...

RUGGLES, NOURSE, MAS Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of Plows and Other Agriculturl and Horticultural Implements and Machines...Manufactory at Worcester, Mass.

SCHERMERHORN, J.W. School Material. [Wrapper title].

SPROUT, S.E. & L.B Sprout's Combined Hay Fork and Knife. [Caption title.] Broadside, 8" x 9.5"

TILTON & SLEEPER. A New and Superior Lamp, for Burning Lard. The Patent Adjustable Lard Lamp. [Caption title]. Oblong 8vo. broadside.

TWELVETREE, HARPER. Twelvetree's Washing Pamphlet. Teaches how to accomplish a large family wash before breakfast at an expense of less than six cents...[Caption & partial text].

WADE, GEORGE. George Wade, (Late Goulding & Ford,) Manufacturer of Surgical and Dental Instruments, Trusses, Syringes and Fine Cutlery, Gold and Silver Electro-Plater, No. 85 Fulton Street, New York. [Caption title]. 3 pp. 4to leaflet.

WANAMAKER & BROWN. "A Man with a Million Can Get No Better Trousers."

WARREN, JOSIAH. Broadside Advertisment for Seven Separately Described Products Available at the Producer's Exchange of Labour for Labour Association. Philadelphia, ca. 1827-28. 8.5" x 11.5"; uncut, a few stains.

WILLCOX & GIBBS. Illustrated Description and Price List of the...Silent Sewing Machine, with a Brief Outline of Its History, and that of Preceding Inventions...

YOUNG, R.F. The Magic Wand and Medical Guide. [Vignette title].

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