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National American--Extra. New York and Erie Railroad. Another Statement of the Engineers. [Caption title]. Folio broadside, printed in three columns.

Report of the Board of Directors to the Stockholders of the Boston and Providence Rail-Road Company, Submitting the Report of Their Engineer, with Plans and Profiles, Illustrative of the Surveys, and Estimates of the Cost of a Rail-Road from Boston to Providence...

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Brotherhood of the Footboard, organised Feb. 22, 1864-[1872] (now known as The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen). Sm. folio ledger. 147 pp. Ink on lined pages.

Articles of Association of the Albany & Saratoga Plank Road Company. [Caption title].

Statement of the St. Paul & Chicago Railway Co., Respecting the Issue of its First Mortgage...

The Framingham Railroad Association; Articles of Incorporation, Minutes of First Meeting, List of Subscribers, Treasurer’s Accounts. 1829. 12 pp. Notebook, 4 x 6.5 in. Contenp. calf covers. Browned. Legible. Ink.

Railroad Deeds of the Providence Worcester Railroad Copied from Deed Books. Worcester County. 1846-1890. No author; Massachusetts Board of Railroad Commissioners (?). Flyleaf signed by James W. Perkins. Book “3” on spine. 11 x 17 inches. 572 numbered pages. Ink. Covers loose, most pages intact. Left facing pages usually contain Precisely Drawn & Colored Maps (altogether, 197 of them, many full page).

Know All Men By These Presents: That we the undersigned hereby subscribe for [ ] Shares of the Capital Stock of the Oregon Central Railroad Company, and agree to take and pay for the same by executing and delivering to said Company whenever said Company shall have survey and permanently located its route of Railroad through [ ] County on the West side of the Willamette River...at the rate of twenty five dollars per Share [changed in ink to "one hundred" dollars]...this day of [ ] 1857. [Title & partial text]. 4to. broadside on blue-gray paper.

General Instructions to Agents. [Caption title]. Broadside, 11” x 8-3/8," printed on light blue paper. Signed in type by R.B. Mason, General Sup’t. at conclusion, Illinois Central R.R. Office, Chicago...Old folds, brown stain in central portion, otherwise very good.

Alaska, Kansas & Cuba R.R. Reasons Why It Should Be Permanently Located. [Caption title]. Narrow folio broadside.

Iowa and Nebraska Railroad Lands for Sale on Ten Years' Credit. The 2,000,000-Acre Government Grant in Iowa and Nebraska to the Burlington & Missouri Railroad Company, now Open To Actual Settlers, 1872. [Caption title]. Elephant folio sheet of paper, printed on both sides, as folded [4 pp.].

Union Pacific Railroad Expense Vouchers. April 1893. 480 pp. Bound Ledger, 9 x 11.5 inches. Printed filled forms. Marbled board cover, top cover loose. Cover well worn, pages legible and intact.

NEWBURYPORT RAILROAD. [Cut of rail cars.] Winter Arrangements. On and After December 1, 1851. Trains leave Newburyport … [for Bradford]. Trains Leave Bradford … [for Newburyport]…. [Signed in type:] C.S. Tenney, Supt.

WATCHTOWER---EXTRA! Georgetown [Mass.], Wednesday, 4 o’clock P.M. Great Rail Road Meeting at Boxford this Evening! “Clear the Track.” “Every Man to the Rescue.” [Caption title].

Sketch of a Railway Judiciously Constructed Between Desirable Points [in Pennsylvania]. Exemplified by a Map and an Appendix of Facts....

An Act Authorizing the Governor to Incorporate the Susquehanna and Delaware Canal and Rail Road Company.

Articles of Incorporation of the Coon Valley Railroad Co. [Caption title]. Broadside, 11-5/8" x 6-7/8", text in three columns, signed in type by six officers at conclusion.

ALLEN, THOMAS. Pacific Railroad Commenced. Addressed...to the Board of Directors of the Pacific Railroad Company, at Their First Meeting, January 31, 1850. And also a Memorial to Congress, and the Act of Incorporation.

ANON. Running a Time Table. A Brakeman's Story. [Wrapper title].

BABBITT, ISAAC. American and English Reports, References and Certificates Concerning the Patent Box Lined with Soft Metal, Invented by...Printed for the Patentee.

BENTON, T.H. Letter from Col. Benton to the People of Missouri. [Caption title].

CAREY, MATHEW, et al Railways [Caption title].

DRAPER, SIMEON, Jr. NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD Stock Auction Certificate. Signed Joseph Strong, Commissioner, 30 Aug. 1841. Sheet 13" x 15.5” folded in half. 1 pp. Watermarked “USN” with Ship & Hudson. Folds, ink, browned, bright, good.

EICHBAUM, GEO. R. Report of the Chief Engineer on the Location and Estimates of Cost of the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad. Accompanied by the Report of Prof. Alexander C. Twining, Consulting Engineer, and the Statement of the President and Directors to the Stockholders of the Company.

GILLESPIE, W.M. A Manual of the Principles and Practice of Road-Making: Comprising the Location, Construction, and Improvement of Roads, (Common, Macadam, Paved, Plank, etc.) and Rail-roads.

HALE, NATHAN. Remarks on the Practability and Expediency of Rail Roads from Boston to the Hudson River, and From Boston to Providence.

HELPER, HINTON ROWAN The Three Americas Railway. An International and Intercontinental Enterprise, Outlined in Numerous Formal Disquisitions and Five Elaborate Essays...

HOLLADAY, BEN. Printed and Holograph Check on the Oregon and California Rail Road Company, Dec. 10, 1870, at Portland Oregon, in the Amount of $800.00, signed in full by Holladay as President. With railroad vignette. The check printed in San Francisco. Fine.

JACKSON, WILLIAM. A Lecture on Rail Roads, Delivered January 12, 1829....Second Edition.

KILBOURNE, BYRON. Office of the La Crosse and Milwaukee Rail-Road Company, No. 8 Wall Street, N.Y., December 15th, 1856. [Caption title]. Folio leaflet, folded, pp. 3-4 blank

LESTER, FRANK M. Handbook of Chicago Stocks and Bonds.

MORRIS, WM. E. Long Island Railroad. Directions in Case of Severe Snow Storms. [Caption title]. Broadside, 11" x 9".

NILES TOOL WORKS. Catalogue of the Niles Tool Works. Manufacturers of Iron and Steel Working Machinery, Railway, Car, Boiler and Machine Shop Equipments. 1891.

OWEN, ROBERT DALE. Railroad to Oregon. March 3, 1845. [Caption title].

PICKELL, Lt. JOHN. Report of Examination and Surveys of a Route for a Rail-Road, from Canajoharie, Situated on the Erie Canal, to the Village of Catskill, on the Hudson River: Made Under the Direction of the Engineer Department of the United States…. To which is Annexed, An Act of the Legislature of…New-York, passed April 19, 1830, incorporating the Canajoharie and Catskill Rail-Road Company.

PLUMBE, JOHN. Memorial Against Mr. Asa Whitney's Railroad Scheme. [Caption title].

ROBERTS, EDWARDS. With the Invader: Glimpses of the New Southwest. A Brief Account of Travels in Spanish America.

ROBINSON, MONCURE; J Report...Upon the Plan of the New-York and Erie Rail Road.

ROOT, RILEY. To Rail Road Companies.

RUTTAN, HENRY. Ventilation and Warming of Buildings. Illustrated by Fifty-Four Plates, Exemplying the Exhaustion Principle, to which is added a Complete Description and Illustration of the Ventilation of Railway Carriages, for Both Winter and Summer.

STOCKTON, CAPT. ROBT Notice and Caution Is hereby given, that the Two Locomotive Engines Called the "Ajax" and "Achilles," Now offered for Sale by the Sheriff of Luzerne County, under Executions against the Sugar-Loaf Coal Company, But (subject to the expiration of a Lease to Captain Robert F. Stockton,) are owned by the Subscribers....[Caption title & partial text]. Large folio broadside.

TROOST, LEWIS. Proceedings of the Public Meeting and Board of Directors of the Mobile and Ohio Rail Road. Together with the Opinion of...

TWINING, , A.C. Report of the Engineer on the Survey of the Valley Rail Road, in Vermont.

UNION PACIFIC RAILRO General Freight Department. Omaha, Neb., October 1st, 1878. Special Order Number 64. On and after this date…the rates per 100 pounds upon grain in car loads of not less than 2,000 pounds nor more than 24,000 pounds when shipped from the local station named below, to Omaha, will be as follows….[Caption title & beginning of text]. Broadside (9” x 5”). Caption followed by list of Nebraska stations with two columns giving rates for shipping rye, barley & flax seed, and for shipping corn & oats, respectively, with the printed rates for both categories entirely amended in manuscript (ink). Folded to sixths at some point, wear and some small separations along folds. Light soiling, a couple of short, marginal tears, but entirely sound.

WALKER, DAVID H. Pioneers of Prosperity.

WALLENPAUPACK IMPROV Act of Assembly of Pennsylvania Incorporating the...with the Report of Henry G. Sargent, Civil Engineer, In relation to the proposed route, to open the Coalregion of the Lackawannock Valley to the New York market.

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