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Prolegomena Logica: an Inquiry into the Psychological Character of Logical Processes.

ATLEE, EDWIN A. An Inaugural Essay on the Influence of Music in the Cure of Diseases.

BINET, ALFRED. On Double Consciousness. Experimental Psychological Studies. With an Introductory Essay on Experimental Psychology in France.

BUCHANAN, JOSEPH. The Philosophy of Human Nature.

BUCHANAN, JOSEPH. The Philosophy of Human Nature. Introduction by James F. Adams. With a Note on Early Kentucky Printing by Lawrence S. Thompson. ISBN 087730-005-4.

BUCHANAN, JOSEPH. The Philosophy of Human Nature.

COUSIN, VICTOR. Elements of Psychology: Included in a Critical Examination of Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding. Translated from the French, with an Introduction, Notes, and Additions, by C.S. Henry.

DAVID, J.C.. David's Display of the Specific Distinctions (On prominent Principles or essence of the Soul;) Of the Executive and Each Individual of the Executive Council. Also, of All the Members Composing the Synod of the Federal Government at Washington in the Years 1834, 1835, 1836. With Observations on the Advantage of Learned Legislators Contrasted with the Misrule of Ignorance, &c.

DEWEY, JOHN. Essays Philosophical and Psychological in Honor of William James. By His Colleagues at Columbia University.

FREUD, SIGMUND. Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex. third edition. Authorized Translation by A.A. Brill, PH.B, M.D. With Introduction by James J. Putnam, M.D.

FRY, ROGER. The Artist and Psycho-Analysis.

GODDING, W.W. Two Hard Cases. Sketches from a Physician's Portfolio.

HAMMOND, WILLIAM A. Insanity in Its Relations to Crime. A Text and a Commentary.

HAZARD, THOMAS R. Report on the Poor and Insane in Rhode Island...

HAZARD, THOMAS R. Report on the Poor and Insane in Rhode Island...

HUXLEY, ALDOUS & TIM Visionary Experience and How to Change Behavior.

PORTER, NOAH. The Human Intellect: with an Introduction Upon Psychology and the Soul.

RHINE, J.B. New Frontiers of the Mind. The Story of the Duke Experiments. Illustrated with Photographs.

RUSH, JAMES. The Collected Works...in four volumes. Introductions & Appendix by Melvin H. Bernstein. ISBN 087730-008-9.

SCHMUCKER, SAMUEL S. Psychology, or, Elements of a New System of Mental Philosophy, on the Basis of Consciousness and Common Sense....

SPURZHEIM, J. G. Observations on the Deranged Manifestations of the Mind; or Insanity. First American Edition, with Notes, Improvements, and Plates. With an Appendix, by A. Brigham, M.D.

UPHAM, THOMAS C. Outlines of Imperfect and Disordered Mental Action.

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