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Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-laws of the Boston Society...

ADAMS, C.B. Contributions to Conchology. No. 6. Remarks on the Origin of the Terrestrial Molluscs of Jamaica. By C.B. Adams. March. 1850. [Caption title].

BIGLAND, JOHN. A Natural History of Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects. Illustrated by Twelve Coloured Plates, Engraved Mostly from Original Drawings.

BINNEY, AMOS. A Monograph of the Helices of the United States. [Extracted from the Boston Journal of Natural History.]

BINNEY, W.G. Notes on American Land Shells. No. 2. [From the Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, October 1857.] Caption title.

BOEWE, CHARLES. Mantissa. A Supplement to Fitzpatrick's Rafinesque. ISBN 087730-016-X.

BOSWELL, PETER. Bees, Pigeons, Rabbits, and the Canary Bird...Their Habits, Propensities, and Dispositions Explained...with an Appendix, Containing Directions for the Care of Several American Singing-Birds.

BURKHARD, I.G. Elementary or Fundamental Principles of the Philosophy of Natural History: Leading to a Better Knowledge of the Creator and the Creatures, and Especially of the Destination and Dignity of Man. Translated from the German by Charles Smith.

CHENEY, WARD & Broth THE SILK GROWER AND FARMER'S MANUAL. Vol. I, # 1 - 12. July 1838 - June 1839.

CHURCH, EDWARD. Notice on the Beet Sugar: Containing 1st A Description of the Culture and Preservation of the Plant. 2d An Explanation of the Process of Extracting Its Sugar...and the Present State of the Indigenous Sugar Manufactories of France. Translated from the works of Dubrunfaut, De Domballe, and others.

CRAMER, ZADOCK. The Navigator: Containing Directions for Navigating the Monongahela, Allegheny, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers...with Accurate Maps of the Ohio and Mississippi. To which is added, An Appendix, containing an Account of Louisiana, and of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers, as Discovered by the Voyage Under Captains Lewis and Clarke. Seventh Edition--Improved and Enlarged.

ESSEX COUNTY NATURAL Journal...Containing Various Communications of the Society.

FITZPATRICK, THOMAS Rafinesque: A Sketch of His Life with Bibliography. Revised & enlarged, with Introduction by Charles Boewe. ISBN 087730-011-9.

FOWLER, EDWARD. Mt. Lebanon Shaker Community Herbalist Account Book & Diary, 1864-71, Narrow Folio, 185 pp., in ink & legible.

GARLICK, THEODATUS. A Treatise on the Artificial Propagation of Certain Kinds of Fish, with the Description and Habits...as are most suitable for Pisciculture, Giving the Author's First Experiments...also, Directions for the most Successful Modes of Angling for such kinds of Fish as are herein described.

GODMAN, JOHN D. American Natural History. Part I.--Mastology. Second Edition.

HITCHCOCK, EDWARD. Sketch of the Scenery of Massachusetts.

HOOPER, EDWARD JAMES The Practical Farmer, Gardener and Housewife; or, Dictionary of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Domestic Economy: Including Descriptions of the Most Improved Kinds of Live Stock...Diseases and Remedies--an Account of the Best Sorts of Fruits, with Instructions for the Management of Fruit Trees...with Directions for the Culture of the Morus Multicaulis, for the Raising of Silk. Also, with Remarks on the Cultivation of Some Select Flowers and Ornamental Shrubs.

JESSE, EDWARD. Gleanings in Natural History; with Local Recollections. To which are added Maxims and Hints for an Angler.

MAINE. Constitution, By-Laws, and Names of Members of the Portland Society of Natural History.

MANN, JAMES. The American Bird-Keeper's Manual; or Directions for the Proper Management of American and Foreign Singing Birds. With Particular Instructions for the Breeding of Canary Birds...

MARSH, GEORGE P. Report...on the Artificial Propagation of Fish.

MARSH, O. C. Dinocerata: A Monograph of an Extinct Order of Gigantic Animals.

MARSH, O. C. Dinocerata: A Monograph of an Extinct Order of Gigantic Animals.

MAURY, M.F.. Paper on the Gulf Stream and Currents of the Sea. Read Before the National Institute, April 2nd, 1844. [Wrapper title].

NEW YORK LYCEUM OF N Index to the Library of the Lyceum of Natural History of New-York. 1830.

NORTH, ROGER. A Discourse of Fish and Fish-Ponds.

PECK, WILLIAM DANDRI Natural History of the Slug Worm.

PONTEY, WM. The Forest Pruner; Or, Timber Owner's Assistant: A Treatise on...British Forest Trees; Whether Intended for Use, Ornament, or Shelter; Including an Explanation of the Causes of their General Diseases and Defects...

PRIME, TEMPLE. Notes on Some American Species of Cyclas Described by Lamarck, Say, Rafinesque and Linsley. Part I. Lamarck & Say.

PRINCE, WILLIAM R. & Chinese, or Japan Potato. [Caption title.]

PRINCE, WM. ROBT. The Pomological Manual; Or, a Treatise on Fruits: Containing Descriptions of a Great Number of the Most Valuable Varieties for the Orchard and Garden....Part I-[II].

SAY, THOMAS. American Entomology, or Descriptions of the Insects of North America. Illustrated by Coloured Figures from Drawings Executed from Nature.

THOMPSON, ZADOCK. Natural History of Vermont. An Address Delivered...Before the Boston Society of Natural History, June, 1850.

THOREAU, HENRY D. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. New and Revised Edition.

TREASURER/ SECRETARY Members' Ledger, 1839-57. Folio. 75 pp. Ink in a neat hand. Full contemp. calf, minor wear.

WOOD, J.G. Animate Creation; Popular Edition of "Our Living World," a Natural History Revised and Adapted to American Zoology, by Joseph B. Holder.

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