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Rules and Articles for the Government of the Armies of the United States.

The Army Register of the United States...Corrected Up to the 1st Day of June, 1814.

Catalogue of the Cadets of the U.S. Military Academy. West-Point, January 1, 1819. [Caption title]. Folio broadside, with typographical border.

Regulations for the Army of the United States. 1913. Corrected to April 15, 1917 (Changes, Nos. 1 to 55).

Register of Officers and Graduates of the United States Military Academy, from 1802 to 1834.

Preamble and By-Laws of the Lafayette Artillery Company, First Regiment. [Caption title]. Large 4to broadside, printed in two columns with typographical border on pink paper.

Regulations of the U.S. Military Academy, at West Point.

Photographic Album, Nazi German, ca. 1939. Approximately 170 3" x 5" black and white photographs attached with black paper photo corners in a black sheeted album with post and string binding. Album is of a later vintage than photos. Pasted end papers of gold design Title page has a photo of the crest “Peine”. Very good condition, only a few photos missing.

Bound Volume of Thirty-Seven (37) Pieces of Original American Lithographed Military Sheet Music, Six with Appealing Colored Lithographs, the Remaining Black & White.

Military Parade Orders for Nath(aniel) Lunt. Newbury, (Massachusetts), Sept. 27, 1811. Printed order with name filled in from Sergeant Samuel Shaw, Sgt. Oblong 12mo. Uncut, fine.

By-Laws of the Oswego Guards, Commanded by S.S. Hurlbut.

Photographic Album of 104 C-D-Vs. A Remarkable Album, Chiefly American, Consisting of Politicians, Military Commanders, Scientists, Literary Figures, Performers and Clergymen, Mostly from the 1860s and early 1870s, in fine condition; doubtless some very rare, with a substatial number of women, including Harriet Beecher Stowe, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Tennessee Claflin, and the young Victoria Woodhull. Most are identified in pencil, but we are unable to identify three.

Unaccomplished printed form: By […] of the [ … ] Company in the [ … ] Regiment of Militia of the City and County of New-York, Commanded by [ … ]. To [ … ] of the Sergeants of the same Company and Regiment, and to the Keeper of the common Goal [sic] of the said City and County…, Greeting. These are, in Pursuance of the Law of … New-York, entitled, “an act to regulate the Militia,” passed the fourth Day of April 1786, to authorize and require you the said Sergeants, to demand and receive of, and from [ … ] Private in my Company in the same Regiment, the Sum of Twenty Shillings, as a Fine for [ … ] on the [ …] Day of [ … ] and in Case of Non-payment, you are hereby further authorized and required to apprehend [ … ] the said [ …] and convey [ … ] to the Common Goal [sic] of the said City…, and you the said Keeper of the Goal [sic] aforesaid, are hereby required to receive the Bod[ … ] of the said [ … ] and [ … ] safely keep in your Custody until the [ … ] Fine aforesaid, together with your Fees are paid. Given under my Hand and Seal, this [ … ] Day of 179[7]. Text in full. 13” x 9” printed on heavy laid paper. Old folds, else fine.

Yonkers Military Institute, A Boarding School for Boys. Benjamin Mason, Principal. Yonkers, N.Y.

Orders for Court Martial, No. 184. Adjutant’s Office, Military Academy, West Point, New York. December 15, 1838. Sheet 8 x 10 inches, Written on Both Sides. Browned, slight breaks at folds. Legible. Ink.

List of Absentees of the 6th Company, 2nd battalion, 86th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, Commanded by Captain Michael Boyles. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, June 22, 1830. Sheet 8 x 17.5 inches. 1 p. Docketed. Browned, tears (loss of one first name), archival tape.

ABBOT, ABIEL. Self Preservation. A Sermon Preached Before the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company; in Boston, June 7, 1802, the Anniversary of Their Election of Officers.

ABRACADABRA pseud.. The Empire of Reason, an Allegory, Addressed to the Dialectic Society, at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.

AMERICAN CLASSICAL A Prospectus...at Mount Airy, Near Germantown, Eight Miles from Philadelphia.

ANON. The Clerk and Magistrate's Assistant. By a Gentleman of the Bar.

ARMSTRONG, KOSCIUSZK Review of T.L. McKenney's Narrative of the Causes which, in 1814, Led to General Armstrong's Resignation of the War Office.

BALLOU, ADIN Military Funerals and Canonizations. [Caption title.] Broadside, 3.25" x 18"

BARTLETT, HENRY A. "Military Journal Kept by Lieutenant Henry A. Bartlett, U.S. Marine Corps. U.S.S. Sacramento. 2d Rate. Commenced at Cape Jomi, S. Africa, April 27, 1867." Sq. 4to. 432 pp. Ink. Contemp. calf backed cloth (binding worn); very good.

BARTLETT, WALLACE A. Some Weapons of War as Improved by Recent American Inventors.

BATES, BENJAMIN. The Memorial of the Society of Friends...on the Subject of Imprisonment, for Non-Compliance with Military Requisitions. To which is added, a Letter from Benjamin Bates, to a Member of the Legislature of Virginia, on the Subject of Military Fines.

BERARD, CLAUDIUS. Lecons Francaises a l'usage des commencans, et surtout des cadets de L'Academie Militaire des Etats-Unis a West-Point. Seconde Edition, Revue, corrigee et considerablement augmentee.

BRIALMONT, LT. GENER Combat Tactics of Cavalry. Being the Second Part of His Work Entitled Combat Tactics of the Three Arms, Translated from the French, by Direction of Colonel E.F. Townsend, 12th Infantry...by Major Camillo C.C. Carr, 8th Cavalry, U.S. Army...

CHAFFIN, JOHN. Muster Roll of Capt. John Chaffin’s Company of Foot, 1808. Verso: 9th Company Return. 22" x 9". Printed form with instructions from William Donnison, Adj. General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, First Tuesday in May 1808. Ink, edges tattered, small hole, corner tear at top held by common pin. Legible.

CLEVELAND, H.W.S. Hints to Riflemen.

DE LACROIX, COL. IRE Rules and Regulations for the Field Exercise and Manoeuvres of the French Infantry, Issued August 1, 1794. Abridged. And all the Manoeuvres Added, which Have Been Since Adopted by the Emperor Napoleon. In Two Volumes. The second volume to consist of Plates.

DE PEYSTER, J. WATTS Report to...Washington Hunt, Governor of the State of New York...on the Organizations of the National Guards, and Municipal Military Systems of Europe, and the Artillery and Arms Best Adapted to the State Service...

DIX, JOHN A. Sketch of the Resources of the City of New-York. With a View of Its Municipal Government, Population, &c. &c. From the Foundation of the City to the Date of the Latest Statistical Accounts.

DUANE, WILLIAM. A Hand Book for Infantry: Containing the First Principles of Military Discipline, Founded on Rational Method...

EMERY, DAVID Sergean Cavalry Orders. Mr. Nathaniel Lunt (name in holograph). You being a Member of the Company of Cavalry commanded by Jeremiah Colman, are hereby notified and warned to appear...[Oblong 18mo broadside with typographical border].

FALLS, DE WITT C. The Comic Military Alphabet. Army, Navy, National Guard.

GILHAM, WILLIAM. Manual of Instruction for the Volunteers and Militia of the Confederate States.

GREENER, W.W. Modern Shot Guns.

HOBBY, WILLIAM. Exposition of a Part of the Frauds, Corruptions and Improprieties, Committed in the Pay Department of the Army of the United States, Since the year 1816. Second Edition.

HOMANS, BENJAMIN Edi The Military and Naval Magazine of the United States. Vol. I-III, V.

JUDAH, HENRY M. Consolidated Morning Report of Fort Jones (Cos. D & E, 4th Infantry), California. Nov. 25, 1856 to December 12, 1856. Ledger sheets, 4to., 4 pp. Blue lined sheets torn from ledger, ink browned, few spots where original corrections were made. Some stains, but good.

JUDSON, HARRY P. A History of the Troy Citizens Corps, Troy, N.Y.

KNECHT. Half-Plate Oval Ambrotype by Knecht, Patent July 4 & 11, 1854, in Old Padded Case, of Posed Bearded Officer Holding a Sword in Two Hands, 4.5" x 3.5."

LAFLIN, ROWLAND. Powder Factory and Farm Accounts. 1822-1835. Narrow folio. 153 pp. "Rowland Laflin, Southwick" on inside front cover. “Old Book” on cover. Contemp. calf backed boards. Well worn, signatures separating. Mostly ink, bright, some pencil. Includes advertising card for Laflin & Rand Powder Co., New York. 1896, 3 x13 inches, printed card stock, folded into 6 sections.

LORD, JOSEPH. The Militiaman's Pocket Companion; with a Method to Form Company...with Sixty-Four Explanatory Cuts. Second Edition Much Enlarged and Improved.

McLEAN, JAMES HENRY. Ukase. We Command All Nations to Keep the Peace. Dr. J.H. McLean's Peace-Makers.

NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOC Report of the National Rifle Association of America. A Patriotic Organization. Organized in 1871 for the Purpose of Promoting and Encouraging Rifle Shooting Among the Citizens Throughout the United States. For the Year Ending December 31, 1903.

OSBORN, DAVID. An Oration, Prepared and Published at the Request of the Military of the City of Albany. Delivered February 22nd, 1820.

OTIS, GEORGE A. A Report on Amputations at the Hip-Joint in Military Surgery.

PINCKNEY, STEPHEN R. National Guard Manual.

PINNEGAR. Trial of Colonel David Pinniger ...[and three other Officers] of the Kentish Guards, Before a General Court-Martial Holden at the Court-House, in Providence, April 27, 1808, for Disobedience of Orders and Neglect of Duty.

ROBERTS, CAPT. JOSEP The Hand-Book of Artillery, for the Service of the United States. (Army and Militia.) Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

SANDERS, JOHN. Memoirs on the Military Resources of the Valley of the Ohio, As Applicable to Operations on the Gulf of Mexico, and on a System for the Common Defence of the United States. With a Review of the Same, Concisely Exhibiting the Proper Functions and True Relations of Forts and Ships, Their Mutual Dependence and Harmonious Action, When Properly Combined. By Jame L. Mason.

SHIPP, JOHN. Memoirs of the Extraordinary Military Career of John Shipp, Late a Lieutenant in His Majesty's 87th Regiment. Written by Himself.

SMITH, WALTER H.B. Pistols & Revolvers. Volume One of the N.R.A. Book of Small Arms.

SMYTH, HENRY DeWOLF. A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes under the Auspices of the United States Government 1940-1945.

SUMNER, CAPT. E.V. Tactics for the Gatling Gun, Cal. 45, Proposed by Captain E. V. Sumner, 1st Cavalry...

SUMNER, WILLIAM H. An Inquiry into the Importance of the Militia to a Free Commonwealth; in a Letter...to John Adams, Late President of the United States; with His Answer.

SWETT, MAJOR J. Jr. THE CITIZEN SOLDIER, A Military Paper, Devoted to the Interests of the Militia. Vol. I, # 1-52. July 22, 1840 - July 30, 1841. 4, 412 pp. [All published].

SYMMES, JOHN CLEVES. Lecture...Delivered Before the Graduating Class at West Point, N.Y., May 31, 1856.

U. S. ARSENAL on Sch Invoice of Stores for Delivery...to Fort Leavenworth. Edwards S. Fayssoux, Military Store Keeper, to Major A. MacKay, Asst. Quartermaster. March 17, 1836. 1 p. 8 x 13.5 inches. Docketed.  Printed & hand written. Ink. Browned, folds, small hole at fold, loss of a word.

WEBSTER, DANIEL. Speech...Delivered in the House of Representatives...on a Bill Making Further Provision for Filling the Ranks of the Regular Army, encouraging Enlistments...

WILDER, JOSHUA. A Plea for Liberty of Conscience, and Personal Freedom from Military Conscription in Letters to Thomas Loring, Esq.

WINDER, GEN. JOHN H. Rules and Regulations Governing Confederate States Prison, at Tuscaloosa, Ala. {Caption title, in three lines]. Sm. 4to broadside, printed in two columns.

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