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ANON. Geometry Workbook. Ca. 1780s to 1820s. Tall folio, no cover. 28 pp, Ink, browned, some foxing, edges worn, few scribbles on back cover. Legible throughout.

BOWDITCH, NATHANIEL. Bowditch's Useful Tables.

COMTE, AUGUSTE. The Philosophy of Mathematics; Translated from the Cours de Philosophie Positive...by W.M. Gillespie.

DAVIES, CHARLES. Grammar of Arithmetic; or, an Analysis of the Language of Figures and Science of Numbers.

DILWORTH, THOMAS. The Schoolmaster's Assistant: Being a Complete System of Practical Arithmetic....To which is added, a Compendious System of Practical Gauging...Second Edition. By Robert Patterson.

FENNING, DANIEL The Ready Reckoner, or, the Trader's Useful Assistant, in Buying and Selling All Sorts of Commodities, Either Wholesale or Retail...

FENNING, DANIEL. Der Geschwinde Rechner oder: des Handlers nutzlichr Gehulfe; in Kauffung und Verkauffung...

FENNING, DANIEL. Der Geschwinde Rechner oder: des Handlers nutzlichr Gehulfe; in Kauffung und Verkauffung...

GIBSON, ROBERT. A Treatise of Practical Surveying....

HUTTON, CHARLES. A Course of Mathematics. In Two Volumes. For the Use of Academies, as Well as Private Tuition....Revised and Corrected by Robert Adrain...

JACKMAN, ALONZO. A Treatise on the Doctrine of Numerical Series, Both Ascending and Descending: also the Binomial Theorem, with Integer and Fractional Exponents.

LA PLACE, PIERRE SIM Mecanique Celeste. Translated, with a Commentary, by Nathaniel Bowditch.

MINOT, WILLIAM, & MA Correspondence Concerning Probate of the Estate of Daniel Dennison Rogers. 1851. 5 letters (3 original, 2 contemporary copies), plus copy of will. 16 pp. 4to. Blue paper, ink. Small tears at wax seals, 1 folded and addressed with stamp.

NEWBERY, JOHN. The Newtonian System of Philosophy Explained by Familiar Objects, in an Entertaining Manner, for the Use of Young Ladies & Gentlemen, by Tom Telescope, A.M. Illustrated with Copperplates and Cuts. Second Philadelphia Edition: with Notes and Alterations, by Robert Patterson. Professor of Mathematics, in the University of Pennsylvania.

OSTRANDER, TOBIAS. Key to the Complete System of Mensuration of Superficies and Solids. Containing Solutions to all the problems and questions therein contained...

PLAYFAIR, JOHN. Elements of Geometry, Containing the First Six Books of Euclid. With a Supplement on the Properties of the Circle, the Intersections of Planes, and the Geometry of Solids. Second American Edition, with Improvements.

STARKWEATHER, SAMUEL A New and Familiar System of Arithmetic, for the Use of Schools. Second Edition, Revised and Corrected.

THOMSON, JAMES B. The Metric System of Weights and Measures.

WALSH, MICHAEL. A New System of Mercantile Arithmetic; Adapted to the Commerce of the United States, in Its Domestic and Foreign Relations...

WATROUS, DUDLEY. Mathematical Practice and Textbook. 1806-1809. 58 pp. Quarto, handsewn and written mss. Ink, edges slightly tattered, some pages loose. Browned, some foxing.

WATSON, G. N. A Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions.

WEDGWOOD, WM. B. Wedgewood's Science of Numbers. Containing Rules for the Application of the Mind in Acquiring Knowledge. A Complete System of Arithmetic...A Complete System of Book-Keeping...an Introduction to Algebra...

WHITE, JOHN J. A Collection of the Most Useful Arithmetical Tables. Among which are, Monies of Account in most Foreign Commercial Countries...to which is added, a Perpetual Almanac...

WORKMAN, BENJAMIN. Gauging Epitomized. Or, a Short Treatise on Gauging...

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