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Missionary Intelligence; Being a Part of the Report of the Standing Committee of Missions, to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church...for 1811.

1) To Captain Morgan; 2) To the general court; 3) To Governor Talcott from Thomas Rose, with a covering note to Capt. Morgan on the last leaf. Each 19 x 31 cm, the second with two addenda on verso. Drafts, in ink, very legible.

The Four Indian Kings. Part I. How a beautiful Lady conquered one of the Indian Kings. [Caption title.] Oblong broadside in four columns of verse. [Our copy in two parts, neatly remounted on paper, as per the copy at the JCB.]

Kickapoo Indian Dream Book. [Wrapper title].

Three (3) Deeds of Land in Groton, Connecticut, Purchased by William Williams. 1721-1742. 7 pp. Small folio. Folds, edge fraying & small breaks, browned.

ALLEN, J.D. Priced Catalogue of Taxidermy Goods, For Home and Office Decoration. Fur Rugs. Sioux Relics. Photographic Illustrations. [Wrapper title].

ANON. Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, for the Year 1867.

BEESON, JOHN. A Plea for the Indians; with Facts and Features of the Late War in Oregon.

BEESON, JOHN. Are We Not Men and Brethren? An Address to the People of the United States, in Behalf of the Indians. [Caption title].

BOUDINOT, ELIAS. A Star in the West; or, a Humble Attempt to Discover the Long Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, Prefparatory to Their Return to Their Beloved City, Jerusalem.

BRADFORD, ALEXANDER. American Antiquities and Researches into the Origin and History of the Red Race.

BRADFORD, ALEXANDER. American Antiquities and Researches into the Origin and History of the Red Race.

CHATEAUBRIAND, F.A. Atala; or the Love and Constancy of Two Savages in the Desert. Translated from the French...by Caleb Bingham.

CHURCH, THOMAS. The History of Philip's War, Commonly Called the Great Indian War, of 1675 and 1676. Also, of the French and Indian Wars at the Eastward, in 1689, 1690, 1692, 1696, and 1704. With Numerous Notes to Explain the Situation of the Places of Battles...by Samuel G. Drake. Second Edition with Plates.

DELAFIELD, JOHN JR. An Inquiry into the Origin of the Antiquities of America. With an Appendix, Containing Notes, and "A View of the Causes of the Superiority of the Men of the Northern Over Those of the Southern Hemisphere." By James Lakey, M.D.

DODDERIDGE, DR. JOSE Logan, the Last of the Race of Shikellemus, Chief of the Cayuga Nation. A Dramatic Piece. To which is added the Dialogue of the Backswoodman and the Dandy, First Recited at the Buffaloe Seminary, July the 1st, 1821. Reprinted from the Virginia Edition of 1823, with an Appendix Relating to the Murder of Logan's Family.

EASTMAN, MRS. MARY. Dahcotah; or, Life and Legends of the Sioux Around Fort Snelling. Preface by Mrs. C.M. Kirtland. Illustrated from Drawings by Captain Eastman.

EDWARDS, T.A. Daring Donald McKay, or the Last War-Trail of the Modocs. The Romance of the Life of Donald McKay, Government Scout, and Chief of the Warm Spring Indians.

EELLS, MYRON. Hymns in the Chinook Jargon Language. Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged.

EVARTS, JEREMIAH, et Rights of the Indians. [Caption title].

EVERETT, EDWARD. Speech of Mr. Everett...on the Execution of the Laws and Treaties in Favor of the Indian Tribes. [Caption title].

FILLEY, WILLIAM. Life and Adventures of...Who Was Stolen from His Home in Jackson, Mich., by the Indians, August 3d, 1837, and His Safe Return from Captivity, October 19, 1866...

HARSHA, WILLIAM JUST A Timid Brave. The Story of an Indian Uprising.

HOSMER, WM. ED. Autobiography of Rev. Alvin Torry, First Missionary to the Six Nations and the Northwestern Tribes of British North America.

HOSMER, WM. H.C Yonnondio, or Warriors of the Genesee: a Tale of the Seventeenth Century

HUBBARD, J. NILES. An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha or Red Jacket and His People, 1750-1830.

HUGHES, JOHN T. Doniphan's Expedition; Containing an Account of the Conquest of New Mexico: General Kearney's Overland Expedition to California; Doniphan's Campaign Against the Navahos; His Unparalleled March Upon Chihuahua and Durango; and the Operations of General Price at Santa Fe: with a Sketch of the Life of Col. Doniphan. Illustrated with Plans of Battle-Fields and Fine Engravings.

KNIGHT & SLOVER. Indian Atrocities. Narratives of the Perils and Sufferings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, Among the Indians, During the Revolutionary War, with the Short Memoirs of Col. Crawford & John Slover. And a Letter from H. Brackinridge, on the Rights of the Indians, Etc.

LA FONZO, ROBERT J. Indian Medical Journal: A Guide to Health. Vol. 3, No. 12 (all published??). At the top of the first leaf is a small printed purple slip indicating that Dr. La Fonzo has arrived at the American House in Lowell, Mass.

LEWIS, J.O. A Chippeway Squaw and Child. Painted at the treal[!]y du Lac 1826 by J.O. Lewis. [Caption title]. 10" x 7-7/8". Lightly foxed. Colors vivid.

LIVINGSTON, JOHN H. A Sermon, Delivered Before the New-York Missionary Society, at Their Annual Meeting, April 3, 1804. To which are added, an Appendix, the Annual Report of the Directors, and Other Papers Relating to American Missions.

LUCKENBACH, ABRAHAM. Forty-Six Select Scripture Narratives from the Old Testament. Embellished with Engravings, for the Use of Indian Youth. Translated into Delaware Indian...

McINTOSH, JOHN. The Origin of the North American Indians; with a Faithful Description of Their manners and Customs, Both Civil and Military, Their Religions, Languages, Dress, and Ornaments: Including Various Specimens of Indian Eloquence...New Edition, Improved and Enlarged.

McKENNEY, THOMAS L. To the Public. [Caption title].

MORSE, JEDIDIAH Signs of the Times. A Sermon, Preached Before the Society for Propagating the Gospel Among the Indians and Others in North America, at Their Anniversary, Nov. 1, 1810.

NICHOLS, L. H. ?. "The American Republic." [Caption title]. April 3rd, 1844. 4 pp. Holograph manuscript signed. Old folds, browning. Very slight tears at corners. Very good.

O'BEIRNE, H.F. Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory. With Interest Biographical Sketches. [Vol.] I. Choctaws and Chickasaws: With a Brief History of Each Tribe: Its Laws, Customs, Superstititions and Religious Beliefs. Profusely Illustrated with Over Two Hundred Portraits and Full Page Engravings. [All pub.].

OWEN, ROBERT DALE. Pocahontas: A Historical Drama, in Five Acts; With an Introductory Essay and Notes. By a Citizen of the West.

PRIEST, JOSIAH. Stories of the Revolution. With an Account of the Lost Child of the Delaware; Wheaton and the Panther, &c.

QUAKERS. A Brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee, Appointed in the Year 1795 by the Yearly Meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, &c. for Promoting the Improvement and Gradual Civilization of the Indian Natives.

RANDALL, THOMAS E. History of the Chippewa Valley...

REMINGTON, FREDERIC. Remington's Frontier Sketches.

RONAN, PETER. Historical Sketch of the Flathead Indian Nation from the Year 1813 to 1890. Embracing the History of the Establishment of St. Mary's Indian Mission in the Bitter Root Valley, Mont. With Sketches of Missionary Life...Wars of the Blackfeet and Flatheads...

ROSS, MRS. WM. P.. The Life and Times of Hon. William P. Ross.

SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY R The American Indians, Their History, Condition and Prospects, from Original Notes and Manuscripts. Together with an Appendix, Containing Thrilling Narratives, Daring Exploits, Etc. Etc. New Revised Edition.

SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY R Notices of Some Antique Earthen Vessels, Found in the Low Tumuli of Florida, and in the Caves and Burials Places of the Indian Tribes North of Those Latitudes....

SIGSBY, WILLIAM. The Life and Adventures of Timothy Murphy, the Benefactor of Schoharie, Including His History from the Commencement of the Revolution—His Recontres[!] with the Indians—The Siege of the three Forts, and the preservation, by his unparalleled courage, of all their inmates—His Courtship and Marriage, and Anecdotes of his Adventures with the Indians, &c.

SMITH, BENG'N! F. $150 Reward. [Caption title]. Broadside, 6" x 7.5."

STANTON, COL. JOSEPH Contemporary Holograph Document Containing Names of Indians Who Swore to Prove the Marriage of Charles Ninigret, Chief Sachem of the Narragansetts and Queen Kate, to Settle the Dispute of the Legitimacy of the Birth of Their Son, Charles, Jr., to Become Sachem Upon Charles' Death. One page 4to holographic document with list of Indian names. Ca. 1745-49. Ink browned, previous folds, edges frayed in a few spots. Legible.

STEELE, ZADOCK. The Indian Captive; Or a Narrative of the Captivity and Sufferings of Zadock Steele. Related by Himself. To which is prefixed an account of the Burning of Royalton.

THOMPSON, CHARLES. Evidences in Proof of the Book of Mormon, Being a Divinely Inspired Record, Written by the Forefathers of the Natives Whom We Call Indians...

TRUMBULL, HENRY. History of the Discovery of America...Remarkable Engagements with the Indians in New-England...Every Important Engagement with the Savages at the Westward to the Present Day. Including the Defeat of Generals Braddock, Hamer and St. Clair, by the Indians at the Westward; the Creek and Seminole War, &c.

TURNER, FREDERICK J. The Character and Influence of the Indian Trade in Wisconsin. A Study in the Trading Post as an Institution.

VIDE, V.V. Sketches of Aboriginal Life.

WILSON, THOMAS. The Knowledge and Practice of Christianity Made Easy To the Meanest Capacities: or, an Essay Towards an Instruction for the Indians...the Second Edition, with Additions...

WOODBRIDGE, TIMOTHY "We the subscribers certifye and declare that the Land lying between farmingtown River and west-field's first boundaries and north of the So. Westfield Township to the river commonly called Westfield river belongs to the family of Peter Pophqun aupeet? and Isaac Waunaumpee that is to Say from the Colony line between Connecticut and this Province Extending north to the north part or head of the afore Sd. Farmington River...we acknowledge that by the general consent of the Indians two miles has been given up to the government one mile South and one Mile North of the Road from Westfield to Sheffield but for the rest no recompence has been made." Stockbridge, Aug. ye 28 1749/ Timothy Woodbridge [and seven Indians, with marks and names]. 4to original holograph document on laid paper with four reinforcement strips on verso. Fine. With lib. stamp at top (& old bill of sale).

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