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An Easy Introduction to the Game of Chess; Containing One Hundred Examples of Games...including the whole of Philidor's Analysis, with Copious Selections from Stamma, the Calabrois, &c. Arranged on a New Plan...Chess and Whist compared; Anecdotes respecting Chess and Chess-players, &c. A New Edition.

A New Game for Evening Amusement. When played upon one as yet uninitiated into the mysteries, is calculated to afford "endless laughter." [Caption title]. Large 8vo. broadside. Large typographical border, with substantial margins (piece lacking from left margin).

ANON. The Chess-Player's Hand-Book; Containing a full account of the game of Chess, and the best mode of playing it.

ANON. The Chess Handbook: Teaching the Rudiments of the Game, and Giving an Analysis of all the Recognized Openings. Exemplified by Appropriate Games Actually Played by Morphy, Harrwitz, Anderssen, Staunton, Paulsen, Montgomery, Meek, and Many Others. By an Amateur.

MATTHEWS, THOMAS. Advice to Whist Players. From the Fourth London Edition.

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