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ADAMS, F.W. Theological Criticisms, or Hints of the Philosophy of Man and Nature. In Six Lectures. To which are appended Two Poetical Scraps, and Dogmas of Infidelity.

ANON. Christianity and Infidelity. Or a Discussion on the Doctrine of Materialism. Originally Published in the New-England Telegraph.

ANON. A Dialogue on Priestcraft: Founded on Facts. By a Lady.

ANON. Free Thoughts in Strong Words For Priests, Politicians, and the People; By a Latitudinarian. Consisting of Answers to the Following Questions....

BRADLAUGH, CHARLES. A Few Words About the Devil, and Other Biographical Sketches and Essays. Second Edition.

BREWSTER, H.B. "Truth is Power." A Statement of Facts, Respecting the Slander, Deception, and other Abominations of the Orthodox. By a Friend of Truth.

BURR, WILLIAM H. Revelations of Antichrist, Concerning Christ and Christianity.

CARLILE, RICHARD. The Report of the Proceedings of the Court of King's Bench...Being the Mock Trials of Richard Carlile, for Alledged Blasphemous Libels, in Publishing Thomas Paine's Theological Works and Elihu Principles of Nature...

COBBETT, WILLIAM. Thirteen Sermons on Crimes of an Enormous Nature, and the Crimes of Public Men. Embracing 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty...13. Good Friday. To which is added An Address to the Working People.

DAVIS, ANDREW JACKSO Self-Contradictions of the Bible. 144 Propositions, Theological, Moral, Historical, and Speculative; Each Proved Affirmatively and Negatively, by Quotations from Scripture...[Wrapper title].

DIX, JOHN A., et al. THE NORTHERN LIGHT; Devoted to Free Discussion, and to the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Miscellaneous Literature, and General Intelligence. Vol. I-[II]. April 1841 - March 1843. 24 numbers [of 40 published in 4 vols.].

ECKLER, P. Ed.. THE AGE OF REASON, a Liberal and Independent Paper. Vol. II, 23-34; Vol. III, 1-10. January 7, 1848 - Dec. 1, 1849.

EVANS, GEORGE H.? The Manifest of Reason.

HUME, DAVID. Essays and Treatises on Various Subjects: with a Brief Sketch of the Author's Life and Writings. To which are added, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. Stereotype Edition.

KNEELAND, ABNER?. The Inspiration of the Bible. By a Correspondent in the Far West.

KNEELAND, ABNER. A Review of the Evidences of Christianity; in a Series of Lectures...To which is prefixed, an extract from Wyttenbach's Opuscula, on the Ancient Notices of the Jewish Nation...

KNEELAND, ABNER. A Review of the Trial, Conviction, and Final Imprisonment in the Common Jail of the County of Suffolk...for the Alleged Crime of Blasphemy. Written by Himself.

LAND REFORM ASSOCIAT Monument to George H. Evans, the Columbus Who Discovered a Home for All Human Beings, And that their natural Wants originate their natural Rights...[Caption title]. 4to broadside.

MACDONALD, GEO E. Thumbscrew and Rack.

OWEN, ROBERT & ALEXA Debate on the Evidences of Christianity; Containing an Examination of "The Social System," and of all Systems of Scepticism...Held in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, in April, 1829...Reported by Charles S. Simms, with an Appendix, Written by the Parties. Vol. I-[II]. Second Edition.

OWEN, ROBERT DALE. Popular Tracts. No. 1-[14].

PAINE, THOMAS. The Theological Works of Thomas Paine...the Most Complete Edition Ever Published.

PALMER, ELIHU. Principles of Nature; or, a Development of the Moral Causes of Happiness and Misery Among the Human Species.

PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH. A History of the Corruptions of Christianity. In Some Parts Abridged, with Appendices, by A.A.L.

STEWART, JOHN. The Bible of Nature, and Substance of Virtue...[and] The Bible of Nature, Comprising the Moral State of Nations, the Revelation of Nature, and the Substance of Materialism...[and] The Revelation of Nature: wherein the Source of Moral Motion is Disclosed...[and] Opus Maximum, an Essay on Materialism: to Reduce the Moral World from Contingency to System. To which is Appended the Philosophy of Nature.

STEWART, JOHN. The Revelation of Nature, with the Prophesy of Reason.

STEWART, JOHN. The Revelation of Nature, with the Prophesy of Reason.

THOMAS, ABEL C. A Compilation of Scripture Questions for the Perusal of Free Enquirers.

THOMSON, ROBERT. Divine Authority of the Bible; or, Revelation and Reason, Opposed to Sophistry and Ridicule: Being a Refutation of Paine's Age of Reason. First American Edition.

VOLTAIRE. For the Promotion of Christian Knowledge. The Character of the Christian Mysteries, in a Dialogue Between a Church of England Missionary Preacher and a Chinese Mandarin, Wherein the Mysteries of the Christian Religion are Set Forth: The Design of Which is To Stimulate an Enquiry After Truth, and to Promote a Knowledge of Christianity. Taken From the French of Voltaire, With Various Alterations, Additions, & Marginal References. As Originally Printed by R. Carlisle, London, For the Society, for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge.

WASHBURN, L.K. Eight Lectures...Delivered Before the Ingersoll Secular Society, Boston, Mass. {Caption title].

WINDSHIP, CHARLES W Discourse on Religion and Doctrines, Delivered Before the First Society of Free Inquirers, in Boston, November 15, 1829. Second Edition, with corrections and notes

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