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Finnische Runen. Finnisch und Deutsch von Dr. H. R. von Schroter. Herausgegeben von G.H. von Schroter. Mit einer Musicbeilage.

Secretos Raros de Artes y Oficios....Nueva Edicion. Tomo Primero [-Segundo]. 2 vols. in 1.

Photographic Album, Nazi German, ca. 1939. Approximately 170 3" x 5" black and white photographs attached with black paper photo corners in a black sheeted album with post and string binding. Album is of a later vintage than photos. Pasted end papers of gold design Title page has a photo of the crest “Peine”. Very good condition, only a few photos missing.

Cirkular. Von dem k.k. mährisch und schlesischen Landesgubernium. [Caption title]. Broadside, 13” x 7” with a vignette seal at bottom. Folded in half horizontally, fine.

Hungarian Fund Bond Certificate. Engraved by Danforth Bald & Company of New York. February 2, 1852. $1 no. 18338. Illustrated with engravings of Athena, Kossuth, and Female Warrior Slaying an Allegorical King. 4 x 8 inches. Fine.

APPLETON, THOMAS. 6 pp. ALS, to Thomas Aspinwall, Concerning Louis Bonaparte’s Book. Leghorn, (Italy), September 28, 1818. 4to. Impressed seal. Ink, browned, edges frayed. A few small holes and cuts, wrinkling, legible.

ARGENSON, RENE LOUIS Essays, Civil, Moral, Literary & Political. Written After the Manner of M. de Montagne: Interspersed with Characters, Portraits & Anecdotes. First American Edition.

BENNIS, G.G. Agent. French, English & American Library. News Rooms--Circulating Library. Librairie des Etrangers, Francaise, Anglaise et Americaine...[Caption title]. 4to leaflet, partially printed on p. 2; p. 3-4 blank.

BORROW, GEORGE. The Bible in Spain; or, the Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman, in an Attempt to Circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula. Eleventh Edition.

BURDER, SAMUEL. Oriental Customs: or an Illustration of the Sacred Scriptures...Customs and Manners of the Eastern Nations, and Especially the Jews...

CARTER, ROBERT. The Hungarian Controversy: an Exposure of the Falsifications and Perversions of the Slanderers of Hungary.

CHURCH, EDWARD. Notice on the Beet Sugar: Containing 1st A Description of the Culture and Preservation of the Plant. 2d An Explanation of the Process of Extracting Its Sugar...and the Present State of the Indigenous Sugar Manufactories of France. Translated from the works of Dubrunfaut, De Domballe, and others.

COLTON, WALTER. Ship and Shore: or Leaves from the Journal of a Cruise to the Levant. By an Officer of the United States' Navy.

COOPER, JAMES FENIMO Oeuvres completes de M.J. Fenimore Cooper, Americain. Traduites de l'Anglais par A.-J.-B. Defauconpret, traducteur de la collection complete des romans historiques de Sir Walter Scott...

CORNAZ, C.A.E. Des abnormitres congeniales des yeux et de leurs annexes.

DUGANNE, A.J.H. The War in Europe: Being a Retrospect of Wars and Treaties, Showing the Remote and Recent Causes and Objects of a Dynastic War, in Connection with the Balance of Power in Europe.

DUMAS, ALEXANDRE. The Duchess of Berri in La Vendee; Comprising a Narrative of Her Adventures, with Her Private Papers and Secret Correspondence. By General Dermoncourt, Who Arrested Her Royal Highness at Nantes.

EUSTACE, J.S. Traite d'Amitie, de Commerce et de Navigation, Entre sa Majeste Britannique et les Etats-Unis de'Amerique. Finalement Ratifie par la Legislature Americaine, Suivi d'Un Projet Fraternel, Adresse aux Negocians francais, pour effectuer la compensation des pertes occasionnees par les lois americaines, pendant leur commerce dans les Etats-Unis.

EVERHART, JAMES B. Miscellanies.

FELDBORG, A.A. A Tour of Zealand, in the Year 1802; with an Historical Sketch of the Battle of Copenhagen. By a Native of Denamrk.

FORBES, HUGH. Four Lectures Upon Recent Events in Italy: Delivered in New-York University... March, 1851.

GAIDZAKIAN, REV. OHA Illustrated Armenia and the Armenians.

GENLIS, MADAME DE ST Mademoiselle de la Fayette, an Historical Novel, Illustrating the Character and Manners of the Court of Louis XIII. Two volumes in one.

HARPER, ROBERT G. Speech...at the Celebration of the Recent Triumphs of the Cause of Mankind in Germany...

HEMINGWAY, ERNEST. De Ubesejrede. Noveller. I Udvalg Ved Niels Kaas Johansen. Paa Dansk Ved Sigvard Lund.

HOLBACH, P.H.T. de. La Morale Universelle ou les Devoirs de l'Homme Fondes sur sa Nature. Vol. I-III.

HOWE, SAMUEL G., et Appeal to the People of the United States to Relieve from Starvation the Women and Children of the Greeks of the Island of Crete.

KNIGHT, J.A. European Agency. To Persons Claiming Estates, Legacies, &c. &c., in Europe. [Caption title]. 12mo. broadside.

LAVATER, J.C. Essays on Physiognomy; for the Promotion of the Knowledge and the Love of Mankind...Abridged from M. Holcroft's Translation.

LAYARD, AUSTEN HENRY Nineveh and Its Remains: with an Account of a Visit to the Chaldean Christians of Kurdistan, and the Yezidis, or Devil-Worshippers; and an Inquiry into the Manners and Arts of the Ancient Assyrians.

LAYARD, AUSTEN HENRY A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh. Abridged by Him from His Larger Work. With Numerous Woodcuts.

LE ROY, ACHILLE. La Liberte de l'Amour. [Wrapper title].

MACKAY, CHARLES Ed. Mormonerne eller de yttersta dagarnbes helige. Ett bidrag till nutidens historia, ur engelska kallor.

MAHAN, CAPTAIN A.T. The Influence of Sea Power Upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793-1812. In Two Volumes.

MALLET DU PAN, JACQU The History of the Destruction of the Helvetic Union and Liberty.

MALLET DU PAN, JACQU The History of the Destruction of the Helvetic Union and Liberty.

MARX, KARL. The Eastern Question. A Reprint of Letters written 1853-56 dealing with the events of the Crimean War. Edited by Eleanor Marx Aveling and Edward Aveling.

MARX, KARL. Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Oekonomie. Dritter Band...Buch III [in two volumes].

MERCURIALIS, HIERONY De Arte Gymnastica Libri Sex...Quarta editione correctiores, & auctiores facti.

MITCHELL, MARGARET. Vom Winde Verweht [Gone With the Wind] Roman.

MORRIS, BENJAMIN. Dissertatio medica inauguralis, De angina vera seu inflammatoria.

MUSAEUS, AUGUST. Dumb Love. Translated from the German...by Thomas Carlyle. With a Preface by the American Editor.

NORTON, CHARLES ELIO The New Life of Dante Alighieri.

OETINGER, FRIEDRICH Swedenborgs...Philosophie...

PERRIN, JOHN. A Grammar of the French Tongue, Grounded Upon the Decisions of the French Academy...

PRATT, ORSON. Mormons Bogs guddommelige Travaerdighed.

PRIME, TEMPLE. Notes on Some American Species of Cyclas Described by Lamarck, Say, Rafinesque and Linsley. Part I. Lamarck & Say.

ROSCOE, WILLIAM. The Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, Call the Magnificent. The First American...in Three Volumes.

ROUSSEAU, J.J. Letters of an Italian Nun and an English Gentleman. Translated from the French...Sixth edition.

S., P. The Hungarian Exile, and His Adventures; Dedicated to the Free People of this Glorious Republic.

SCHELLING, F.W.J. Erster Entwurf eines Systems der Naturphilosophie. Zum Behuf seiner Vorlesungen.

SCHICKARD, WILHELM. Horologium hebrieum, sive Consilium, Quomodo Sancta Lingua spacio XXIV

SCOTT, WALTER. The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French. With a Preliminary View of the French Revolution. In Three Volumes.

SELVES, fils Prospectus General. La Lithographie Appliquee a l'Enseignement...[Caption title].

SHOBERL, FREDERICK. Persia; Containing a Description of the Country, with an Account of Its Government, Laws and Religion, and of the Character, Manners and Customs, Arts, Amusements, &c. of Its Inhabitants.

SILBERSTEIN, SOLOMON The Jewish Problem and Theology in General. In Accordance with the Economical Affairs of the Present Time and with the Whole Modern Science and Philosophy. (Address to the Russian Czar). By a Russian Philosopher.

SMOLLETT, TOBIAS GEO A North Briton Extraordinary: Containing A Curious and Comprehensive Review of English and Scottish History...and the Grand Cause of Liberty...Written by a Young Scotsman...Third Edition, with Additions.

STEWARTON, MR. Revolutionary Plutarch. Containing the Biographical, Historical and Secret Memoirs of the Buonaparte Family. First American Edition, with Additions, Original and Selected.

STRONG, CHARLES H. Essay. The Revolutions in Europe. Handwritten in ink, 2 pp. 8" x 13". Browned, small tears at folds, light water marks.

TOCQUEVILLE, ALEXIS De La Democratie en Amerique....Tome Premier [-Cinquieme].

TUCKER, BENJ. R. Der Staat in seiner Beziehung Individuum.

VOLNEY, CONSTANTIN F Lectures on History, Delivered in the Normal School of Paris. Translated from the French.

VULPIUS, CHRISTIAN A Rinaldo Rinaldini der Rauber-Hauptmann...Erste americanische Auflage. Vol. l-[3] in one.

WALSH, ROBERT. A Letter on the Genius and Dispositions of the French Government, Including a View of the Taxation of the French Empire. By an American.

ZACCHIROLI, FRANCESC Versi. Engraved title leaf, with device.]

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