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Second Annual Report of the Managers of the Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents, in the City of New York.

The Greatest Burglary on Record. Robbery of the Northampton National Bank. The Cashier Overpowered at Midnight, Tortured, and Forced to Give the Combinations of the Vault and Safe. Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars in Money and Bonds Stolen. $25,000 Reward.

The Criminal Recorder, or, an Awful Beacon to the Rising Generation of Both Sexes...by a Friend of Man.

A Representation of Governor Wall Ordering Serjeant B. Armstrong, Without a Trial, to be tied to a gun, at Coree, in Africa, and inhumanly flogged by Black Slaves, who were changed every twenty-five lashes. [Caption title & partial text]. [Followed by large woodcut of the scene]. 12" x 7." Fine.

Salem, Massachusetts Jail Keeper’s Diary. January, 1826 - August, 1827. Two Small Notebooks, hand sewn, no covers, a few pages becoming loose. 125 pp. 4” x 6.5." Ink.

Minutes of the Testimony...[concerning] the Condition of...

By Authority. Ten Thousand Pounds Damages....A Report of the Trial on an Action...Brought by the Reverend Charles Massy Against the Most Noble the Marquis of Headfort, for Criminal Conversation with Plantiff's[!] Wife....

Office [of the] Great Western Horse Ins[urance] & Detective Co., Decatur, Ill. STOP THIEF!….[Caption title]. Broadside, 13” X 9”, signed in type twice by J.O. Sloan, Sec’y of the company, and dated Decatur, May 4, 1866 at bottom. With an engraved cut (approx. 2-5/8” x 6”) of a posse in pursuit of a horse thief, the lead rider shouting, “Stop Thief.” Edges lightly dust-soiled, a few spots of foxing. Very good.

ANON. An Exhibit of the Losses Sustained at the Office of Discount and Deposit Baltimore, under the Administration of James A. Buchanan, President...to which is appended a Report of the Conspiracy Cases, Tried at Harford County Court in Maryland.

ANON. A View of the New-York State Prison in the City of New-York. By a Member of the Institution.

ANON. The Infernal Secret! or, the Invulnerable Spaniard, Who Was...Termed the Terror of Madrid! Containing an Account of the Wonders of His Withered Arm, and His Connexion with Horde of Desperate Banditti...and His Awful Death...

BECKER, JOHN. 25 DOLLARS REWARD. [Rule.] On the night of the 16th of February, some person or persons broke into John Becker's store in Victoria, Knox county, and robbed it of $200 worth, or more, of Goods....Caption & beginning of text].

BEMIS, GEORGE. Report of the Case of John W. Webster, Master of the Arts and Doctor of Medicine of Harvard University...Indicted for the Murder of George Parkman, Master of Arts of Harvard University...Before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts...

BOVEE, MARVIN H. Christ and the Gallows; or, Reasons for the Abolition of Capital Punishment.

BRIGHAM, DAVID. Report of the Trial of Rev. David Brigham, Before Referees, Charged by the Trustees of Framingham Academy with Falsehood and Duplicity.

COLDEN, CADWALLADER. Report on the Penitentiary System in the United States, Prepared Under a Resolution of the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism in the City of New York.

COLQUHOUN, PATRICK. A Treatise on the Police of London; Containing a Detail of the Various Crimes and Misdemeanors...and Suggesting Remedies for Their Prevention....By a Magistrate.

COOKE, N.F. Satan in Society. By a Physician.

DESPARD. The Trial of Colonel Despard and His Associates, for High Treason, and a Conspiracy...to which is added an Account of Their Execution. Published from the London Morning Chronicle.

DIX, D.L. Remarks on Prisons and Prison Discipline in the United States.

EVANS, CHARLES, Report of the Trial of the Hon. Samuel Chase, One of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, Before the High Court of Impeachment, Composed of the Senate of the United States...

FORBES, LT. COL. Report of the Trial of Brig. General William Hull; Commanding the North-western Army...by a Court Martial Held at Albany...3d January, 1814...

FOULKE, WILLIAM PARK Remarks on Cellular Separation.

FROST RICHARD K. Trial of Dr. Frost, Before the Court of Sessions for the City and County of New York, for Manslaughter, Alledged [!] to Have Been Committed on Tiberius G. French, by the Administration of Certain Thomsonian Remedies. To which are added, the Speeches of John A. Morrill and David Paul Brown, Esqrs. for the Defence, with an Appendix...Letters of the Celebrated Professor [Benjamin] Waterhouse on the Thomsonian System...

GODDING, W.W. Two Hard Cases. Sketches from a Physician's Portfolio.

HALL, OAKLEY. A Review of the Webster Case. By a Member of the New York Bar.

HALLETT, BENJAMIN F. The Arguments of Counsel in the Close of the Trial of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, for the Murder of Sarah M. Cornell...Reported without Abridgment...Also a Literal Report of the Medical Testimony of Professor Walter Channing...

HAMMOND, WILLIAM A. Insanity in Its Relations to Crime. A Text and a Commentary.

HARDIE, JAMES. The History of the Tread-Mill, Containing an Account of Its Origin, Construction, Operation, Effects As It Respects the Health and Morals of the Convicts, with Their Treatment and Diet; Also, a General View of the Penitentiary System, with Alterations Necessary to be Introduced into Our Criminal Code, for Its Improvement.

HORNKOHL, FRED. Diary with Description of Legal Case of S. Adler Liquors. St Joseph, Missouri, 1875. Printed Pocket Diary with Flap. 3 x 6 inches. 89 pp. Ink. Wear and small tears to cover. Slight  fading, overall good, legible.

HOSMER, HEZEKIAH LOR Charge of Chief Justice Hosmer, to the Grand Jury of the First Judicial District, M.T., delivered December 5th, 1864....[Caption title]. Large 4to broadside in three columns.

HOWE, S.G. An Essay on Separate and Congregate Systems of Prison Discipline; Being a Report Made to the Boston Prison Discipline Society.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G. Crimes Against Criminals.

JACKMAN, JOSEPH. The Sham-Robbery, Committed by Elijah Putnam Goodridge, on His Own Person, in Newbury, Near Essex Bridge, Dec. 19, 1816, with a History of His Journey to the Place Where He robbed Himself. And His Trial with Mr. Ebenezer Pearson, Whom He Maliciously Arrested for Robbery. Also the Trial of Levi & Laban Kenniston.

JACKMAN, JOSEPH. The Sham-Robbery, Committed by Elijah Putnam Goodridge, on His Own Person, in Newbury, Near Essex Bridge, Dec. 19, 1816, with a History of His Journey to the Place Where He robbed Himself. And His Trial with Mr. Ebenezer Pearson, Whom He Maliciously Arrested for Robbery. Also the Trial of Levi & Laban Kenniston.

JONES, LLOYD. Life and Adventures of Harry Tracy "The Modern Dick Turpin".

KNEELAND, ABNER. A Review of the Trial, Conviction, and Final Imprisonment in the Common Jail of the County of Suffolk...for the Alleged Crime of Blasphemy. Written by Himself.

LIEBER, FRANCIS. Letter to His Excellency Patrick Noble, Governor of South Carolina, on the Penitentiary System, by Francis Leiber [!].

LIVINGSTON, EDWARD. Remarks on the Expediency of Abolishing the Punishment of Death.

MAC FARLANE, CHARLES The Lives and Exploits of Banditti and Robbers In All Parts of the World. In Two Volumes.

MARIE, JANE. The Case of Jane Marie, Exhibiting the Cruelty and Barbarous Conduct of James Ross, to a Defenceless Woman. Written and published by the object of his cruelty and vengenance, and Addressed to the Public of Philadelphia and the Whole of Pennsylvania.

MARTIN, EDWARD WINSL The Secrets of the Great City: A Work Descriptive of the Virtues and the Vices, the Mysteries, Miseries and Crimes of New York City.

MATSELL, GEORGE W. Vocabulum; Or, the Rogue's Lexicon. Compiled From the Most Authentic Sources.

PACKARD, FREDERICK A A Vindication of the Separate System of Prison Discipline from the Misrepresentations of the North American Review, July, 1839.

PATTERSON, DR. HENRY One (1) Page ALS from Dr. Patterson of the Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment, to Dr. Charles Foulke in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, ,January 17, 1844. Signed Henry S. Patterson, Wm. D. Kelley, Corresp. Secy. 8.5 x 10 inches, folded with integral address, postmarked. Small holes, tears at folds. Ink slightly faded, legible.


POPE, CAPT. J.W. Crimes and Criminals of the American Army. Read before the Pittsburgh Prison Congress, October 13, 1891.

PUTNAM, ARTHUR ALWYN Mysteries of Crime, As Shown In Remarkable Capital Trials. By a Member of the Massachusetts Bar. Illustrated.

QUINCY, JOSIAH. Remarks on Some of the Provisions of the Laws of Massachusetts, Affecting Poverty, Vice, and Crime...

ROSS, CHRISTIAN K. The Father's Story of Charley Ross, the Kidnapped Child: Containing a Full and Complete Account of the Abduction of Charles Brewster Ross from the Home of His Parents in Germantown, with the Pursuit of the Abductors and Their Tragic Death...

SPEAR, JOHN M. John M. Spear's Labors for the Destitute Prisoner. No. IV. [Caption title].

ST. CLAIR, HENRY. The United States Criminal Calendar: or An Awful Warning to the Youth of America; Being an Account of the Most Horrid Murders, Piracies, Highway Robberies, &c. &c. With Fifteen Engravings.

STUART, WILLIAM. Sketches of the Life of William Stuart, the First and Most Celebrated Counterfeiter of Connecticut; Comprising Startling Details...as Given by Himself.

THAYER, I, I & N. The Life, Trial, Condemnation, and Dying Address, of the Three Thayers! Who were Executed for the Murder of John Love, at Buffalo, N.Y. June 17th, 1825. [Three coffins on title-page.]

WEEMS, MASON L. God's Revenge Against Adultery, Awfully Exemplified in the Following Cases if American Crim. Con....Third Edition.

WHITE, WILLIAM FRANK "Norfleet" The actual experiences of a Texas Rancher's 30,000-mile transcontinental chase after five confidence men.

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