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Valuable Secrets Concerning Arts and Trades: or, Approved Directions, from the best Artists...

The Candy Maker. A Practical Guide to the Manufacture of the Various Kinds of Plain and Fancy Candy.

ANON. Arts Revealed, and Universal Guide; Containing Many Rare and Invaluable Recipes and Directions for the Use of Families...Embracing Directions for Treating Diseases-- Behavior of Ladies and Gentlemen-- Embroidery, and Other Kinds of Needlework-- Information as to Roots and Herbs-- Compounding Medicines...Several Recipes Cost from $20 to $50 Each, Having Never Before Been Published.

ANON. Ladies' Indispensable Assistant, Being a Companion for the Sister, Mother, and Wife...

ANON. The Household Treasure: Containing Several Hundred Valuable Receipts for Cooking Well at a Moderate Expense, Making Dyes, Coloring, Cleaning, & Cementing, This Book Also Points Out in Plain Language, Free From Doctors' Terms the Diseases of Men, Women, and Children, and the Latest and most approved Means used for their Cure. To which is added a Description of the Medicinal Roots and Herbs, and How They are to be Used in the Cure of Diseases.

ANON. Valuable Secrets in Arts, Trades, &c. Selected from the Best Authors. And Adapted to the Situation of the United States.

ANON. Valuable Secrets, Concerning Arts and Trades, or, Approved Directions from the best Artists...with an Appendix, Containing Valuable Selections, in Addition to, and never before published in this Work.

ANON. The Multum in Parvo Receip Book. Containing over Four Hundred Valuable Recipes and Practical Instructions for the Manufacture of all kinds of Confectionary, Fancy Cakes, Beverages, Perfumery, Cosmetics, &c., &c.; to which is added a Collection of Rare and Useful Arts, Secrets and Recipes...

ANON. Apican Morsels; or, Tales of the Table, Kitchen, and Larder: Containing a New and Improved Code of Eatics...Illustrating the Veritable Science of the Mouth; which includes the Art of Never Breakfasting at Home...By Dick Humelbergius Secundus (pseud.).

ANON. The American Family Receipt Book: a New Collection of Nearly 500 Rare and Valuable Recipes...Essential to the Health, Wealth, Comfort & Convenience of Every Household. Carefully Prepared by an American Housekeeper.

ANON. The United States Practical Receipt Book: or Complete Book of Reference, for the Manufacturer, Tradesman, Agriculturist or Housekeeper; Containing Many Thousand valuable Receipts...by a Practical Chemist.

ANON. Apican Anecdotes; or, Tales of the Table, Kitchen, and Larder: Containing a New and Improved Code of Eatics...Illustrating the Veritable Science of the Mouth; which includes the Art of Never Breakfasting at Home...By Dick Humelbergius Secundus (pseud.).

BAILEY, J.H. Domestic Arts: a Collection of the Best Receipts for Cooking, &c.

BARNUM, H.L. Family Receipts, or Practical Guide for the Husbandman and Housewife...Agriculture, Gardening, Brewery, Cookery, Dairy, Confectionary, Diseases, Farriery, Ingrafting....

BEMENT, C.N. The Rabbitt Fancier; a Treatise Upon the Breeding, Rearing, Feeding, and General Management of Rabbits:...Their Diseases and Remedies...Full Directions for the Construction of Hutches, Rabbitries, Etc., Together with Recipes for Cooking and Dressing for the Table.

COLLINS, MRS. ANNA M The Great Western Cook Book, or Table Receipts, Adapted to Western Housewifery.

CROWEN, MRS. T.J. Every Lady's Cook Book. New and Greatly Improved Edition.

CROWEN, MRS. THOMAS Every Lady's Book: an Instructor in the Art of Making Every Variety of Plain and Fancy Cakes, Pastry, Confectionery, Blanc Mange, Jellies, Ice Creams, also, for the Cooking of Meats, Fish, Vegetables, &c. By a Lady of New York. Second edition.

GERRISH, ANDREW. A Synopsis on the Prevention and Cure of Disease.

JOHNSON, BENJAMIN Pu The Grocer's Companion and Merchant's Hand-Book. Containing a Comprehensive Account of the Growth, Manufacture and Qualities of Every Article Sold by Grocers....

LINCOLN, MRS. D.A. Carving and Serving.

LINCOLN, MRS.; MARIO Siegel-Cooper Co. Cook Book.

LOUBAT, ALPHONSE. The American Vine Dresser's Guide.

MERCHANT, GEORGE W. The People's Vade-Mecum: Comprising a Collection of Valuable Recipes in the Useful and Interesting Arts with a few simple and curious experiments in chemistry: including medicine, perfumery, chemistry, cookery, farriery, dyeing, confectionary, domestic economy, etc. etc. etc. Many of which are the Private Recipes of the Author Never Before Published and All From Reliable Sources. By a Practical Chemist, and Member of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

ROSICKY, MARY. Bohemian-American Cook Book. Tested and Practical Recipes for American and Bohemian Dishes. An English Translation of the Cook Book Published in the Bohemian Language...

RUNDELL, MARIA ELIZA American Domestic Cookery...Illustrated by Nine Engravings. To which is added the Complete Family Brewer.

RUNDELL, MRS. MARIA The Experienced American Housekeeper, or Domestic Cookery: Formed on Principles of Economy for the Use of Private Families.

SHUTE, Miss T.S. The American Housewife. Cook Book.

TRALL, R.T. The New Hydropathic Cookbook; with Recipes for Cooking on Hygienic Principles...with Numerous Illustrative Engravings.

UTLEY, MARY E. Mary E. Utley’s Cookbook. Includes Household Hints and Medical Remedies. Circa 1880s-1930s. Notebook. Large 8vo. 53 pp. Paper cover with title, loose spotted pages, edges frayed. Ink & pencil. Few loose newspaper recipes. Legible.

WHEELER, MRS. ELIZA The Frugal Housekeeper's Kitchen Companion, or Guide to Economical Cookery....Dedicated to Those American Housewives Who Are Not Ashamed of Economy.

WORTENDYKE, CAROLINE Manuscript Cook Book of Mrs. Caroline Wortendyke. Notebook 4 x 7 inches. Ca. 1891. 35 pp. Leatherbound: “The Hackensack Bank, Hackensack, New Jersey, in account with Mrs. Caroline Wortendyke” on cover. Ink & pencil. Few pasted in news clips. Spine missing, cover becoming loose; worn. Spotting & browning.

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