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A Manual of the Ceremonies used in the Catholic Church. [Book I]. Faithfully translated by order of the First Council, held in Baltimore, in 1829, for the use of the Churches of the United States of America.

The Full Particulars of the Late Riots, With a View of the burning of the Catholic Churches, St. Michaels & St. Augustines.

ANON. Supplement to "Six Months in a Convent," Confirming the Narrative of Rebecca Theresa Reed, by the Testimony of More than One Hundred Witnesses...Containing a Minute Account of the Elopement of Miss Harrison...and an Exposition of the System of Cloister Education...

ANON. The Truth Unveiled; or, a Calm and Impartial Exposition of the Origin and Immediate Cause of the Terrible Riots in Philadelphia, on May 6, 7, 8, 1844. By a Protestant and Native Philadelphian.

BEECHER, LYMAN. A Plea for the West.

CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER A Debate on the Roman Catholic Religion: Held in the Sycamore-Street Meeting House, Cincinnati, from the 13th to the 21st of January, 1837...

CANISIUS, ST. PETER. Catholischer Catechismus, worin die Catholische Lehre nach den Funf Hauptstucken...[Ed. by Adam Britt].

CHAPMAN, JAMES L. Americanism versus Romanism; or, the Cis-Atlantic Battle between Sam and the Pope.

COOKE, M.F. Report of the Trial of McLaurin F. Cooke, Sub-Master of the Eliot School, of the City of Boston, for an Assault and Battery Upon Thomas J. Wall, a Pupil of that School...

CROSS, ANDREW B. Priests' Prisons for Women, or a Consideration of the Question, Whether Unmarried Foreign Priests Ought To Be Permitted to Erect Prisons, Into Which, Under Pretence of Religion, To Seduce or Entrap, or by Force Compel Young Women to Enter, and After They Have Secured Their Property, Keep Them in Confinement, and Compel Them, As Their Slaves, To Submit Themselves to Their Will, Under the Penalty of Flogging or the Dungeon? In Twelve Letters to T. Parkin Scott, Esq., Member of the Baltimore Bar, and Vice Counsel of the Pope. Originally Published in the Baltimore Clipper.

D'AUBORN, A. The French Convert, an Authentic Account of the Happy Conversion, of a French Countess from the Gross Errors and Superstititions of Roman Catholicism, to the Protestant Religion...

HUGHES, JOHN & JOHN A Discussion of the Question, Is the Roman Catholic Religion...Inimical to Civil or Religious Liberty? And of the Question, Is the Presbyterian Religion...Inimical to Civil or Religious Liberty?

MATTHEWS, WILLIAM. A Collection of Affidavits and Certificates, Relative to the Wonderful Cure of Mrs. Ann Mattingly, Which took place in the City of Washington, D.C. on the tenth of March, 1824.

MONK, MARIA. Awful Disclosures, by Maria Monk, of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal...Illustrated by a Plan of the Nunnery...

MORSE, SAMUEL F.B. Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United States Through Foreign Immigration, and the Present State of the Naturalization Laws. A Series of Numbers, Originally Published in the New York Journal of Commerce in 1835. By an American.

MORSE, SAMUEL F.B. Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States....

PARDOW, GEORGE & WIL THE TRUTH TELLER. Vol. I, #5, 6, 11-35, 37-40. April 30-December 31, 1825.

PITRAT, JOHN C. Paul and Julia; or, the Political Mysteries, Hypocrisy, and Cruelty of the Leaders of the Church of Rome.

REED, REBECCA THERES Six Months in a Convent, or, the Narrative of...Who Was Under the Influence of the Roman Catholics About Two Years, and an Inmate of the Ursuline Convent...

SECKER, THOS. Five Sermons Against Popery.

TAYLOR, ISAAC. Spiritual Despotism.

WALWORTH, M.T. The Mission of Death; a Tale of the New York Penal Laws.

WALWORTH, M.T. The Mission of Death; a Tale of the New York Penal Laws.

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