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BOSTON RECORDER, Vol. VI, No. 19 [-Vol IX, No. 51].

Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-laws of the Boston Society...

Boston Directory for...1806...A General Directory of the Citizens, and a Business Directory.

Old Roxbury.Wednesday, December 28, 1853. [Caption title].

The Carriers of the Columbian Centinel, With the purest wishes of New-Year's Day, and Grateful Acknowledgments of Past Favors, Respectfully Offer Tribute of a Gifted Muse, as Their Forty-Third Anniversary Address to Its Generous Patrons. [Caption title]. Large 4to broadside verse in two columns, with typographical border and wide margins.

Organization of the Primary Schools. December, 1838. [Caption title]. Broadside, 16" x 7". Typographical border.

"Old Scollay Building--1858." [Ink caption title]. 14" x 11" mounted photograph, with contemporary walnut frame.

The By-Laws and Orders of the Town of Boston...Together with...the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Health...

Catalogue of the Mercantile Library of Boston.

Supplemental Catalogue of the Boston Library. 1855.

Inauguration of the Great Organ...[Caption title. 4 pp. leaflet. 8vo.

William Taylor, Jr. Importer of Hard Ware Goods, 408 Washington St. (Next the Washington Bank.) Boston. [Complete text]. 3” x 4”, text surrounding an engraved vignette depicting a fisherman, captioned “Fishing-Tackle.” An attractive specimen.

An Address to the Citizens of Boston and Vicinity, on the Subject of a Rural Cemetery.

Report of the Committee on the Expediency of Providing Better Tenements for the Poor. Signed in type at conclusion by S[tephen] H. Perkins and six others.

THE OVERSEERS OF THE POOR of the City of Boston, To Their Constituents. [Caption title].

AMERICAN REPUBLICAN Address, Preamble and Constitution of the American Republican Association, of Ward 9--in the City of Boston, Adopted Feb. 27, 1845.

BATES & GOLDTHWAIT. In consequence of the tightness in the money market, Carpetings, Will be sold at unheard of low prices for the next thirty days. The Largest Stock of these goods ever offered in Boston...[Caption title & partial text]. 4to broadside.

BEECHER, LYMAN?. Review of a Pamphlet on the Trust Deed of the Hanover Church.

BIGELOW, JACOB. Florula Bostoniensis. A Collection of Plants of Boston and Its Vicinity...Second Edition Greatly Enlarged. To which is added a Glossary of the Botanical Terms Employed in the Work.

CHAMPLIN, HENRY L. The American Firemen. Essays, Lurid Leaves, Sketches, Sparks. A Standard Work on Fire Matters.

CHANDLER & CO. Chandler & Co.'s Full Account of the Great Fire in Boston! and the Ruins. Over 30 Illustrations.

CHANDLER, FRANCIS W. Municipal Architecture in Boston. Part I-II (all). From Designs by Edmund M. Wheelwright City Architect, 1891 to 1895.

CHANNING, WALTER. A Plea for Pure Water: Being Letter to Henry Williams...with an Address "To the Citizens of Boston," by Mr. H. Williams.

CLAPP, WILLIAM W. A Record of the Boston Stage.

CLUB OF ODD VOLUMES. The First Annual Exhibition of the Club of Odd Volumes at the Boston Book Art Club March 12-15, 1889.

COFFIN, R.S., the "B Epistle to Joseph T. Buckingham, Esq.

COOKE, M.F. Report of the Trial of McLaurin F. Cooke, Sub-Master of the Eliot School, of the City of Boston, for an Assault and Battery Upon Thomas J. Wall, a Pupil of that School...

DeWOLFE GEORGE GORDO The Great Fire in Boston, Massachusetts. [Caption title]. Broadside, 11-1/8” x 8-5/8," text in two columns, with a vignette of a piece of fire apparatus being pulled by two horses. Folded in quarters at some point, light edge wear. Close to fine.

HALE, EDWARD EVERETT How They Live in Boston, and How They Die There. [Caption title].

HALLOWELL, N.P. Memorial Window in Memorial Hall. Pledge Circular from Window Committee. Boston, September 1, 1886. Signed in ink by N.P. Hallowell. Printed circular. 5 x 8 inches. 1 p. Fine.

HARRIS, THADDEUS M. Remarks on the Charges Made Against the Religion and Morals of the People of Boston...by the Rev. Gardiner Spring, in a Sermon...Dec. 22, 1820.

HENSHAW, DAVID. Invoice to E[dmund] Dwight from David Henshaw, Boston, Feb. 3, 1815 for 17 Items, Printed Billhead & Holograph.

L. PRANG & CO. The Great Elm on Boston Common. Destroyed February 15, 1876. Lithograph, L. Prang & Co. Image & Printed Message on Spurr’s Papered Veneer-Wood Made from the Tree, Signed by Samuel C. Cobb, Mayor of Boston. March 31, 1876.

MALLORY, R.P. A Panoramic View from Bunker Hill Monument. Engraved by James Smillie, from a Drawing by R.P. Mallory. [Cover title].

MARTIN, JOSEPH G. Twenty-One Years in the Boston Stock Market, or Fluctuations Therein from January 1, 1835, to january 1, 1856...

MEIN AND FLEEMING. [October] 22d, 1767. Proposals for Printing a New Weekly Paper, called The Boston Chronicle. [Caption title]. 4to broadsheet. Verso headed: "Plan."

PETERS, JOHN R. JR. Guide to, or Descriptive Catalogue of the Chinese Museum, in the Marlboro' Chapel, Boston, With Miscellaneous Remarks upon the Government, History, Religions, Literature, Agriculture, Arts, Trades, Manners and Customs of the Chinese.

RAYMOND, F.F. Grocer's Account Book, Boston, Massachusetts, 1851-54. Folio. 103 pp. Contemp. calf, some wear; very good. Ink.

RICHMOND, JAMES C. A Midsummer's Day-Dream: Libellous; or, a Little Book of the Vision of Shawmut. By Admonish Crime. (Anagramatically.) Libell. I.

RUSSELL, CHARLES THE Report of the Minority of the Committee Upon the Petitions of John T. Hilton and Others, Colored Citizens of Boston, Praying for the Abolition of the Smith School, and that Colored Children May be Permitted to Attend the Other Schools of the City. Submitted by…. Printed by Order of the School Committee.

SAVAGE, GEORGE. The Catholick Question at Boston; or an Attempt to Prove that a Calvinist is a Christian....Containing also More Remarks on "American Unitarianism,"...by Amana.

SHATTUCK, LEMUEL. Report to the Committee of the City Council Appointed to Obtain the Census of Boston for the Year 1845, Embracing Collateral Facts and Statistical Researches, Illustrating the History and Condition of the Population and Their Means of Progress and Prosperity.

SHAW, CHARLES. A Topographical and Historical Description of Boston, from the First Settlement of the Town to the Present Period; with some Account of Its Environs.

SNOW, C.H. A Geography of Boston, County of Suffolk and the Adjacent Towns. With Historical Notes. With Maps & Plates. For the Younger Class of Readers.

TEWKSBURY, WILLIAM P Stationery and Book-Store. William P. Tewksbury, No. 362 Washington Street, Sign of the Large Book...Boston [Caption title & partial text]. Broadside, 16.5" x 11.5". Printed in black & red, with 3.5" woodcut of the bookstore. Typographical border. Matted.

TREADWELL, DANIEL. Report Made to the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Boston, on the Subject of Supplying the Inhabitants of that City with Water.

TREASURER/ SECRETARY Members' Ledger, 1839-57. Folio. 75 pp. Ink in a neat hand. Full contemp. calf, minor wear.

WARREN, JOHN C., et Report of the Consulting Physicians of the City of Boston in Relation to the Action of Cochituate Water Upon Mineral Substances. With Documents Accompanying. [And] Service Pipes for Water: an Investigation Made at the Suggestion of the Board of Consulting Physicians of Boston.

WARREN, JOHN C., et Preventatives and Remedies for the Cholera, as Recommended by the Board of Consulting Physicians, by Request of the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Boston.

WATERSTON, R.C.. The Boston Asylum and Farm School for Indigent Boys. Report, Act of Incorporation, By-Laws, and General Rules and Regulations.

WEBSTER, DANIEL. A Memorial to the Congress of the United States, on the Subject of Restraining the Increase of Slavery in the New States to be Admitted to the Union. Prepared in pursuance of a vote of the inhabitants of Boston...

WEBSTER, JOHN W. The Parkman Murder. Trial of Prof. John W. Webster, for the Murder of Dr. George Parkman, November 23, 1849. Before the Supreme Judicial Court, in the City of Boston...

WHITTEMORE, THOMAS. Universalist Reverend’s Diary. Vol. 2, July 11, 1859- November 7, 1859. Pocket book 3 x 4.5 inches. HInged leather cover. 115 pp. “T. Whittemore, Chelsea, Mass.” written on the flyleaf. Brown ink. Slight browning, wear to cover, very good.

WILSON, THOMAS L.V. The Aristocracy of Boston; Who They Are, and Wat They Were. Being a History of the Business and Business Men of Boston, for the Last Forty Years. By One Who Knows.

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