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The Constitution of the Pennsylvania Society, for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, and the Relief of Free Negroes, Unlawfully Held in Bondage...

John Brown Meeting,/ Liberty Hall, Jan. 4th, 1860/ John Brown's Favorite Hymn. [Caption title]. Narrow 16mo. broadside. Verse with typographical border.

Infidelity and Abolitionism. An Open Letter to the Friends of Religion, Morality, and the American Union. [Caption title].

The Irish Patriot. Daniel O’Connel’s[!] Legacy to Irish Americans. [Wrapper title].

Marriage License and Certificate (on one sheet) for Former Slaves Andrew Jackson and Julia Marlow. 8 x 10 inches. Engraved certificate with elaborate borders in archival mat; creases where previously folded. 1 p. Warsaw, Kentucky. December 10, 1872.

H. Curtiss [sic] to Mr. Ira Button in Brandon, Vermont. Four (4) Page ALS. Cincinnati, Ohio, March 17, 1841. 10 x 15 inches. Sheets folded with integral address and postmark. Lightly browned, previous folds.

ANON. Mr. Frank, the Underground Mail-Agent. By Vidi. Illustrated with Designs by White.

ANON. Infidelity and Abolitionism. An Open Letter to the Friends of Religion, Morality, and the American Union. [Caption title].

BRACKETT, EDWARD AUG Cabinet Card Photograph of a Bust of Abolitionist John Brown. Litchfield Photographer, Arlington, Massachuetts. 4.25" x 6.5". Sepia tones, good. Note on verso: “John Brown from E.A. Brackett’s Bust taken in the prison at Charlestown, Va. 1859, by order of Mrs. George L. Stearns”.

BROWN, JOHN. ALS, 16mo., in ink, very legible, 20 lines, plus Signature, 7 April 12, 1859, from Kingsville, Ohio, to "Dear Wife & Children All."

BROWN, JOHN. The Life, Trial and Execution of Captain John Brown, Known as "Old Brown of Ossawatomie," with a Full Account of the Attempted Insurrection at Harper's Ferry. Compiled from Official and Authentic Sources. Including Cooke's Confession, and All the Incidents of the Execution.

CHAPMAN, Elder HENRY Remember Them That Are in Bonds, as Bound with Them.--Heb. 13:3. [Caption title]. Sm. 4to broadside, printed in two columns.

CHASE, SALMON P. The Address of the Southern and Western Liberty Convention Held at Cincinnati, June 11 & 12, 1845,* to the People of the United States. With Notes by a Citizen of Pennsylvania. [Caption title].

CHEEVER, GEORGE B. The Fire and Hammer of God's Word Against the Sins of Slavery. Speech...at the Anniversary of the American Abolition Society, May, 1858.

DANA, R.H. Jr.; WEND House...No. 205. Commonwealth of Massachusets. House of Representatives, April 4, 1855. The Joint Standing Committee on Federal Relations, to whom was recommitted the Reports on the case of Edward Greeley Loring...[Caption title & partial text].

FOOTE, ANDREW H. Africa and the American Flag.

GARRISON, WILLIAM LL Letter To Louis Kossuth, Concerning Freedom and Slavery in the United States. In Behalf of the American Anti-Slavery Society.

GOODLOE, DANIEL R. The South and the North: being a Reply to a Lecture on the North and the South, by Ellwood Fisher. Delivered Before the Young Men's Mercantile Library Association of Cincinnati, January 16, 1849. By a Carolinian.

HICKS, ELIAS. Letters of Elias Hicks. Including also Observations on the Slavery of the Africans and Their Descendants, and on the Use of the Produce of Their Labor.

LUNT, GEORGE. Radicalism in Religion, Philosophy, and Social Life...

PECK, GEORGE Ed. Jamaica: Enslaved and Free.

PHILLIPS, WENDELL. Review of Webster's Speech on Slavery.

REESE, DAVID MEREDIT Humbugs of New-York: Being a Remonstrance Against Popular Delusion; Whether in Science, Philosophy, or Religion.

RUSSELL, THOMAS. Quotation from John Brown. March 1, 1882. Signed Thomas Russell. Half sheet, 6.25 x 7.75 inches. Slight bleed through.

SMITH, GERRIT. Printed check, Accomplished in Manuscript in Smith’s Hand and Signed by Him, for $100, drawn on the Syracuse City Bank, dated (December 24) 185(6), to Hon. Owen Lovejoy. Endorsed by Lovejoy on verso, with other signatures and bank markings.

SMITH, GERRIT. At the meeting of the "Church of Peterboro," held July 7th, 1849, the following Resolutions were passed, without a dissenting voice:...[Caption title. Oblong 8vo. broadside, with three Resolutions].

SMITH, NANCY Preside Constitution of the Massachusetts Female Emancipation Society. [Caption title].

STANTON, HENRY B., S [Boston] Chronicle--Extra. Address of the State [Liberty Party] Central Committee. [Caption title]. Large folio broadside in four columns. Signed in type at the end by 25 members of the Liberty Party, dated Boston, Nov. 5, 1844.

TAPPAN, LEWIS and H. Human Rights--Extra. Office of the American Anti-Slavery Society, New-York, Feb. 11, 1839. [Caption title.] Small folio broadsheet.

TAPPAN, LEWIS. ALS to A.W. Riley, Esq. requesting information on a financial note. New York, 5 March 1836. One page, docketed. Old folds. Ink, very good.

THOMPSON, GEORGE. Discussion on American Slavery, Between...and Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge...Holden in the Rev. Dr. Wardlaw's Chapel, Glasgow, Scotland...Second American Edition, With Notes, by Mr. Garrison.

WALKER, N.W. Chairma The Shell Point Meeting. [Caption title]. Broadside, 19.5" x 11.5". Printed in three columns of text, with three small manuscript corrections in ink. [Followed by partial text]: In pursuance of public notice, a very large meeting of the citizens of Shell Point took place on the 19th inst. to express themselves upon the question which has created such universal excitement throughout the slave holding States. {End of first paragraph].

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